When did you last masturbate?

An hour ago.Wife rang me at work and told me she had a dildo for each of her holes.She was going to use them to completion and then lay them on the bed.I have to arrive home and change into my schoolgirl outfit and then suck and taste the dildo’s.She has bought a new riding crop and informed me i will be thrashed 18 times but with a reduction of 6 strokes for every dildo i match with the right hole it has been inside.In all my years of sexual activity this is a new one on me and i have been with a lot of kinky and inventive women in my life.If i fail on all three i have been told there will be serious consequences.It got me so horny thinking about it i went straight to the toilets and rubbed one out.


:drooling_face::hot_face::sweat_drops: I am not surprised

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It’s been three days, I’m pretty desperate now! :sweat_smile:


Last night while getting my ass fckd by OH

Planning on a good session shortly when I get in from my morning shift at work :yum:


Early last night ontop of the kitchen counter, O WoW after allowing myself to orgasm after a week of edging. My tshirt got a little bit wet​:joy:

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Enjoy :wink:

Yesterday after a run. Was a bit pushed for time. Aneros progasn butt plug in, nippme ball perineum play. Just used my hand on and off then when I orgasmed over my belly was lots loads of cum.

Waste of time yet again :rofl:

Earlier this morning. Whole house to myself and of course it’s Thursday wank club for me. Here’s to many more sessions throughout the day :heart_eyes:

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:cry::cry::cry: in what way?

Kept getting close and then it erm went away, then my phone rang……:rofl: tried all sorts but now gotta go back to work :rofl:

Oh that’s a such a shame. Hope some part of it felt good.

Maybe just stick to a couple of toys or use fingers for a change. Guessing the rabbit was no go?

I got close with the rabbit but nada :rofl: but OH off this weekend and will have house to ourselves Saturday so :wink:

Ooohhh close is good. You seem to like dual things so I reckon the rabbit will work. Have you got the new lube yet? Did you try my position?

I think ‘Thursday Wank Club’ needs a theme tune :rofl:

Yeah but I couldn’t get comfy :rofl: yes all my new lubes come, the raspberry on OH cock tastes so good he said he tasted good when he went down on me, the quiver one feels intense, actually love the feeling and silk ones lovely too

:joy::joy: OH also said try on your back with legs up against a wall, or back under a pillow. Spread wide she says it also feels great.

Glad new lube is good. The raspberry sounds fun

Hope one of your toys works soon for you

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Tell your OH I will give it a go thankyou :rofl:

She swears by the rabbit edited by mod