When did you last masturbate?

So there is the thread for when did you last have sex but there isn’t one for masturbaition
So her goes (Delete if there is a previous thread)

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I think the sex one includes masturbation. Solo sex is still sex. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


True, although it’s a good question as it’s a specific part of sex rather than just generic.

Would have been a few days ago for me, after I’d been out for a run


I agree with @brufton :slight_smile:
For me it was right before I got out of bed this morning. Off to a good start for the day!


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Yesterday trying out a new LH toy.

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A few days ago but the wife is working tonight so I’ll be using my lovehoney toys later on

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Last time is probably mutual tonight, and solo tomorrow as I’m on nights.

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Thursday was the last time, im having anther delivery tomorrow so there’s a pretty good chance ill be doing it again tomorrow night.

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About 3 hr ago :sweat_drops::open_mouth::sweat_smile:


Last night and every night for the last few weeks since I really started getting into anal play. Probably again in the next hour or 2.

I last masturbated on Friday, I usually do it more often but I recently made the foolish decision to shave my pubes and it’s quite itchy and distracting!

Yesterday morning whilst ridding my dildo.
Very intense. :ok_hand:

Last night.

So looks like this one is allowed to stay!!!

Also I did this morning before shower :facepunch: :sweat_drops:

Only 2 types of people in the world liars and wankers and I don’t lie :rofl::rofl:


I’m glad too as when did you last have sex to me means with a partner…

When did you last masturbate? To me means bring yourself to orgasm…by yourself

But I am a literal person…



@CurvyJilly34F and I’m guessing as well as literal your also not a liar :rofl::rofl: Curvyjilling :rofl:

Yesterday , the day before and the day before that . To be fair , I did take a few days off .

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A couple of hours ago


Saturday, me and wife in the shower together :grin: