When is a review too long?

Just curious for opinions on this as I am not too sure myself. For instance, in my last review it is around 1,000 words but we really loved the product and felt I should give it a proper review to do it justice. I don't feel I waffled much at all during writing it either. Same thing with the Tantus P spot review and other items.

I personally love reading long, detailed reviews especially if the product is £20 and upwards. Do you also like reading long reviews too or glaze over them? It would be nice to hear some tips too, I think.

If you are reviewing something like a basic cock ring there would be only so much you could really write about it. If you are reviewing a sex toy that has patterns, vibrations, swirly head then there will be a lot more words needed to cover it all.

I have a blog and my reviews can be anything from 3 paragraphs to pages long but I make sure there is a reason to that. I add in as much detail as I can, especially when a store won't have that info available.

You need to be happy that the info you are passing across is legit and the public need to know if a product is for them or not.

When I place a review on a retail site, such as this one, I will add in the important details. Measurements can be a miss, as they are in the product description. But I get to the point, why I didn't like it, why I did, who I think it would suit, if it's charge after recharging is any good, loud or not, strong or not etc. You can write that in 3-4 largish paragraphs.

So to sum it up (as i waffle alot), as long as the information you put across is informative, then all is good x

For me it's not so much the length of the review as it is the content? Some people manage to cram in basic stats, how it feels, what it's like to actually use to the toy/lube/lingerie/whathaveyou and their impressions of it into about five paragraphs or so while still being engaging and I love reading those. I think with more expensive products and especially luxury ones, more detailed reviews are warranted because most people are going to want to know about every little thing before dropping that much money on something.

Sometimes I read reviews that go on for ever and everrrrr but never actually seem to GO somewhere, or it's like, 6 paragraphs about the packaging, stats, and re-covering basically everything you can find on the product page and then a paragraph or less about their experience and how it actually feels and reading those feels tedious to me - they might be long but they're not very useful.

I honestly can't describe a product in a few senteces no matter how hard I try, therefore a few paragraphs, and a few hundred words are what I tend to end up with in my reviews.

Of course for some smaller and simpler products a paragraph and a few sentences are more than enough, but with most items I love reading the longer reviews as they can be really detailed not only on the good but the bad if there is any.

What I tend to do with items (review or bought) is to take notes from the get go and after every use of said item. This helps me keep track of anything I notice through the various stages of owing/using the item, and when I come to write my review I can refer back to these and add them into the review if required or dismiss them in some cases.

My reviews aren't all that long (I don't think), but I don't like just writing 1 or 2 lines either - I don't see the point in writing a review if I'm not going to actually give advice or my opinions / experiences with the product.

When I review my items I tend to write down all the basics - what it is when it arrives (look, feel etc.) in my own words, what I think about it, what it does and my experience with using it. Then I tend to think about what questions I was asking myself before I bought the item - things that as a buyer I would like to know. Eg. If I am going to buy a vibrator my first question is 'how loud is it?' as I don't live alone, and these types of things aren't usually in the description. Then I will add those answers in to my reviews too.

Basically I just remember how I felt before I bought it and what I needed to know then write a review based off of those questions to try help other people in their choices.

I enjoy reading informative reviews that aren't just one paragraph long. The more information the better! :)

I think if it's a review to be submitted on the Lovehoney product page, the main thing is to add information for someone else. With Lovehoney's pretty comprehensive product specs, there's not much need to reiterate the measurements, number of speeds, material etc. But, having said that, it's helpful to mention those things if the material makes it feel girthier, or if a certain pattern was fantastic. Something that the product description can't give you.

I often find that reviews that feel too long are the ones that are too factual and impersonal. I want to get to the part where the reviewer starts to give their views, opinion and experience with the toy.


Well not that I am by any means an expert but I always tend to concentrate on the shorter reviews.

I also tend to look at the more extreme views too, i.e. if someone really disliked it I like to know why and vice versa. Not really sure why that is but I guess if you've got a whole bunch of people saying that somthing was as described etc. nice packaging etc. I don't really see the point of reading them all, but if someone had a really good experience or really bad experience I see it being more useful.

PS. I thought your Tantus review was very good.