When to put on sexy undies

Morning all,

I'm going to meet a friend after work, and we will be having sex, do you reckon i should put my sexy undies on now and keep them on till i meet him, or do i excuse myself before hand and run and do it in the bathroom so theyre on fresh?

When does everyone else tend to wear their sexy undies, just special occassions, all day, normal days or just before the 'big event' ?

For me the best scenario is to see my OH put on sexy undies before we go out so that I'm anticipating what will happen when we get back.

Failing this, I'd go for a last minute change. Fresh undies just feel nice (I'm guessing it works the same for ladies) and gives you confidence that everything is fresh.

the only think I can think of that may help .

the best time to take undies off is just after the've been put on !

Have you though about going bare instead ? no undies far more exciting !

If you can excuse yourself then go for the fresh option, yet if you feel the passion maybe to explosive and your be ripping each others garments of at the first chance, you may not have a chance to change into your undies. Personally I would change just before work finishes via a quick stop at the ladies in the office.

Just pop into the ladies at the end of your shift!

I tend to go comando all the time and wear my best lingerie for my meets at swingers clubs!

I tend to go commando most of the time too, just decided to mix things up with my new undies.

Its a treat for him if I turn up n matching socks for a change, so imagine how shocked he will be with a matching lingerie set! lol

hahaha, well I hope he appreciates the effort and you have a great time x

I only wear mine on special occasions or at night. but I cant sleep in them!

I'd probably change just before rather than sit in them all day at work.
As long as its something thats easy to change into, wouldn't want to be struggling in loos at work with a corset etc

Definite vote for popping them on just before leaving work so fresh but no worries about when to change when you've met your friend.

When I had medical problems and had to use a catheter, there was nothing to wash out the fluids thst come out of the other organs down there - which of course you don't realise until this happens. I didn't like getting my pants dirty all the time so I used a panty liner, but since Mrs. P. didn't like that much, I just slipped it out before anything exciting happened.

Worked a treat except for the one time I lost it and it ended up stuck to one of our legs!