when writing a review.....

How long do you normally test new toys for before writing up a review....

Depends on toy, but at least 3-5 times.

I usually give a toy 3/4 tries before I review. Sometimes if it's really good (like the Rosa) - one session and I knew it was amazing.

It really depends on the toy itself I can't give a oh you test it this many times. See with toys sometimes I can use it once and know that I love the thing - but I'll test it a good 3-4 times after that. The same again with things I may hate I know I hate it instantly but you never know if you're feelings will change so it'll be tested a fair few times within the next few weeks.

And then you have those! The ones where you're not sure if you like it or don't like it. They take forever! lol

Really depends, but I generally test about 3 times & write notes, then write my review. Then, if times allows, I leave it alone for a couple of days, use the product again, and re-read the review to make sure I'm happy and don't want to add anything. Then submit ...

Totally depends on the toy. With a paddle or crop that I've had a good experience with I'll just test the once before writing a review. If it's not so good I'll take my time and give it a few tried before making a final decision.

With things like kegal balls I tend to take a couple of weeks so I can really see if they make a difference.

Vibes are usually a couple of uses, and when I'm testing lube it's generally just a one-use thing, unless I've had a bad experience with it and I'll reluctantly try it again just to make sure.

I had one tester not long ago that stung so bad! I had to try it out again just to make sure. I could have punched myself in the face for putting it on my bits for the second time!

Thank you - I have a few items I want to review .... Think I better start by writing notes so I don't forget.

Just until I think I know it well enough, if someone quizzed you on it would you be confident?

As others have said, it depends very much on what the product is. If it's a tester I try not to take too long and use it a few times within a week or so though with some things circumstances can make this hard. If it's a bought product, I'll try and review it as soon as I feel I properly know it. Kegels, a few months ideally to see if they're making a difference. Lingerie, usually very quickly as assessment of fit, make quality and wearibility usually doesn't take long.... I do have a few toys though that I've had for quite a while and still just can't make up my mind on so haven't written the reviews!

I think it depends on the product. Toys need to be used a few times, but lingerie can be assessed fairly quickly.

It really depends on the product, I can use some toys just once and already form a review in my head, whereas some I'll use mulitple times just to be sure. With underwear it's usually just once i've tried it on and then shown my boyfriend, and bondage items are kind of the same.

Seems I've been going about my - albeit few - reviews in the wrong way. I usually write mine based on my initial impressions, especially now I'm trying anal toys; as much a journal of my experiences as a review of the item, so readers might have some idea what to expect if they try it too.

That said, if it doesn't 'do' it for me at first, I do try to illustrate that it might need a few more attempts to get the most from it. Now I think about it, it might be a nice feature to update reviews, so readers can establish what it'd be like to 'live with' it over the long-term, especially with the more expensive toys.

I agree that it can depend on the toy itself. Sometimes if me and the toy click once or twice would be enough. In other cases I may need week to make my mind. Sometimes longer if the toy gives me mixed results, e.g. only works if I am certain mood.

And unless its tester I sometimes prefer to take my time