Where are the small double ended toys?

We have both enjoyed anal play for a while, but have come to the conclusion that while Mr Belle enjoys the thought of large toys being used on him by Mrs Belle, the reality is there is a limit to what can be used, and more accurately used comfortably.

We have recently purchased this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30708 which is a revelation due to the shape and size. We acknowledge that a lot of you will consider this too small, and we respect your views and preferences, but this has improved our experience massively. It is comfortable for us to use 'enthusiastically' without discomfort, and even Mrs Belle prefers this to the other anal toys now. If nothing else, Mrs Belle loves watching Mr Belle bounce up and down on this.

However we have a Joque harness, and Mrs Belle is loving being able to really go at it with abandon as Mr Belle can take all that's being given. .. except that Mrs Belle would love to have a feeldoe type toy with that size on the 'Male' end so that her pleasure can be enhanced as well as Mr Belle's. But they don't exist, at all. There seems to be a perception that if you're going to give it, it's a ring ripper or nothing. Even the 'slim' version is considerably larger and longer. And why do they have to be shaped like penises or with large bulges on the end ? We know a lot of people do like phallic shaped toys, but there is clearly a market for non-phallic toys too - the item we bought had 56 reviews, mostly positive. For us, the most comfortable thing is the shape, precisely because it's shape is non phallic.

If it is that words like 'beginner' or 'gentle' or 'comfort' put some peple off, it is important to remember we all started off at some point, and it may have attracted some people earlier if it hadn't been a choice between a larger than desired toy and nothing. We won't buy a feeldoe at the moment (and we do look at them) simply because it would never be able to be used. Put a slim, non phallic shaped part on the front and we believe that you would attract a lot of buyers. It certainly would us. So come on, LH, how about it?

Rant over, back to having fun


Hi, take a look at this thread, you post what you would like LH to stock there



Done, thanks! Here's hoping...


There is a old saying, Different strokes for different folks. Some people like some toys while other people hate the same toys. So what ever toys that works for you that great. Enjoy.