Where are you from?

Hi guys and girls.

i know that Lovehoney, is an international sextoy store, so I were just wondering about where you were from in the world?

i am from Denmark, Europe

what about you?

- KS


West Midlands England
But I live in Newcastle

Scotland/italy! I have citezenship in both countries x

London :)

Scotland! :)

North east UK Durham, I am smack bang in the wilds of wanny, `filcks in the sticks` country lol

Sensualfire, my partners mum lives in Durham, it's a nice place to stay when you want a break from London :)

Scotland ^_^

I'm from France but I live in the West Midlands :)

Yep Lolipop I a a Durham Girl through and through, but I admit I want a change

I didn't really answer the q.. I live in scotland lol

South coast of England here.

I'm a London girl, but currently living in the West Midlands for uni!

Originally London but moved to Gloucestershire many years ago .

Cornwall.. Seems like a Scottish win so far!

I'm from a pussy and I live in one too.

Yorkshire born and bred

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South Wales ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I'm from kent

North East UK. Not too far from SensualFire as it happens - a bit nearer Sunderland though.