Where do I go to find a Girl soft dom/dom friend with benefits

Basically my boyfriend has said yes to me experimenting with a girl and I really want to find a dom/soft dom friends with benefits as I am not a one night stand girl.

It means I finally get to have a chance to experience a dom for my bratty sex drive which is what I really need… But I feel like bumble and tinder would a chance of luck to find a match :sweat_smile:. If there anywhere anyone would recommend that is a safe place to find someone?


Is anywhere really safe?

A dating site is unlikely to give you what you want, but possibly fabswingers or fetlife. I find chatting is easier on fabswingers, I’m not really sure how fetlife works although I’m not on it to meet people, so I’ve not tried very hard.

It might depend on what your interpretation of soft dom is, but if there are any clubs in your area that have kink events, you may find a visit to those would introduce you to people with similar interests.

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Thank you so have a look at those :purple_heart: unfortunately no clubs in my area or close by though :see_no_evil:.


It can be a dangerous line being in a 3 some and doing Dom / sub but suggest you search online as there are those who post locally

I tried it 3 years ago but hated it

To clarify it wpuld not be a threesome… Just me and the girl having fun​:sweat_smile::purple_heart:

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