Which is better KY Jelly Or KY Liquid

We have started to use KY as this is what the doctor has advised,But i do find that the jelly is too dam sticky,Its allright for my g/f,But my fimgers gets all sticky to fast

I know there is a liquid one so i thought i might give it a try,But i dont want to waste my money if its worse than the jelly

Sorry, not an answer, just adding my voice to being interested in this.

We use KY Jelly, not much of a problem but we do find it sometimes dries too fast, also we've found it too sticky if my wife is giving me a handjob, be interested to know what the liquid is like or anything else that could be recommended.

The liquid is better, its lube rather than jelly so it slides better, and it's in a much less clinical bottle. It's certainly not the best on the market though, check out how many lube reviews there are on here! I'm not sure whether there's different ingredients in the liquid than the jelly so if you're using the jelly for a medical reason it might be best to check first.

I love using ky liquid silk,Slides just nice

Our lube of choice is Durex Play. Quite expensive, but goes on forever before drying or getting tacky.