Which Tenga Flip Hole

I'm going to order a flip hole next week but I'm totally stuffed whether to get the White, Black or Limited Edition.

OK, so the Limited Edition is the white "pattern" made out the black versions harder gel but.......... which is reallly best?

Any opinions greatly appreciated.

You might want to hang on a bit, because the new tenga Air models should be coming out pretty soon.

Personally, I have the white tenga, and while I enjoy it, I really would like the black tenga air.

Thanks Pixieking, I've just googled the Air and watched a youtube review on it. It looks a great bit of kit....

Maybe i should get my first Fleshlight instead but I'm stuck there between Wonderwave and Stamina Training Unit! So much choice....

I can't comment for the Tenga, but from what I've seen the Wonderwave textures start after 5+ inches so may not be great if you are of a shorter stature; the STU is right from the start though!

I bought the Flip Hole Limited Edition ( http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=21761 ), it's arrived this morning and is already tried and tested.

This thing is just amazing and got my rocks off in no time. I don't have any prior experience of any other masterbator products but can definitely recommend this.

Thanks for the opinions, I just couldn't wait for another product to come into stock as I'm already waiting for the Aneros Tempo S2.