Which toy to buy next ?

I brought my first ever toy the Durex Play Delight mini bullet just over a week ago and love it , and had lots of fun and pleasure using it, although there are lots of different toys I would love to try money is tight.
I know its not possible to know for sure until you actually try a new toy as we are all different etc , but I would like the best chance of my next toy being something I also love and get lots of enjoyment from and as a newbie would really appreciate some tips and advice.
From using the bullet I get the most pleassure from using it hands free tucked in my knickers when lying in bed or walking about although only used it in the privacy of my room , and although not meant for using inside the vagina I have out of interest used it to penetrate the vagina and it felt great vibrating inside.
I think I would like my next toy to be something that can be used internally and vibrate, but would need to be quiet though as mainly be used late at night and have Brother in next room and Mum I care for in a nearby room and too late for music etc to be playing to hide any noise, I am thinking poss egg ? but open to suggestions of toy types and reccomendations for certain models of toys suggested and including eggs.
I don't have a partner so will be used soo on myself only and at the moment at least don't feel I want to use anything analy
Thanks in advance .

That should read be used solo not soo lol

Vibrating dildos are great, look them up as they come in different sizes and in the reviews there will be a noise rating to help you find the one for you :) I've heard eggs are great but some can be a bit noisy when not used just in the vagina, hope this helps :)

My suggestion is this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29419

It is on offer at present, it's Rechargable so no more batteries, and it's very well rated. I don't have this yet but it's on my wish list. Worth spending that little bit more.

If money is tight the new 2 for £20 offer might be a good place to look http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/special-offers/5149/

There's a good selection of internal vibrators love eggs dildo vibes dildos dual stimulation toys

i can vouch for
http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16770 though i think it's rubbish toy overall for vibrations
in the offer being quiet

My first thought originally was a dido but then got looking at all the various toys on LH lol , was wondering about one in which you can insert a bullet vibrator such as this maybe ?

or open to suggestions , also what bullet would be best to use with it? although I have one, its one speed and I like the idea of one with various speeds and settings , and think this is something I would get a lot of use. from as i have had a lot of enjoyment from the bullet I have,.
I could use the dido alone , the bullet alone or to vibrate the dido so a few options.