Who do you think of?

I was reading a few topics and it's something myself and my wife have discussed and that is when you masturbate alone, do you fantise or imagine someone, if your watching porn, are you thinking of someone in the scene or what??

One of the reasons is my wife used to always say that when she does she'd think of me....even if she was watching porn, now where I caught her out was I know sometimes if I'm up watching something she might have a little fiddle alone and I know women like to orgasam without nessecarilly having sex, but I said, sure why would you do that if I'm there??

So she confessed that yes if she was watching porn she'd imagine she was someone in the scene but if she isn't watching anything then usually she'd think of me... hmmm I'm not sold on it.

does it bother you that she thinks of the porn scene?

personally if its anything other than sex i do fantasise about particular scenes or watch porn but never that im involved, just watching, and sometimes during sex we fantasise together about threesomes. so i know that on the odd ocasion he does mastubate hes most likely thinking of at least one other girl, which despite my paranoia, i dont mind

Doesn't bother me one bit....

I always think of my boyfriend. The only time I masturbate while we're together is when he's asleep. In your wife's defence, sometimes he'll do things in my imagination that he wouldn't do in real life, so that could be it! Even if she's thinking of you, she's still physically alone enjoying it, which is something we all need every now and again. When alone but thinking of you she also doesn't have to worry about pleasing you! There's plenty of reasons for her to be thinking of you without including you!

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not bothered or giving out, more just wondering what others do...

Often I find not necessarily thinking of the bloke in the scene but the act their doing... how it feels etc imagination it great..

Often think of act starting touching then think of my partner of the time..occasionally the bloke that features too but mainly partners

Does it bother you that she could be thinking of what shes previosly watched?

Secondly perhaps she hope you might help forfill her later... just getting herself ready..

I personally used to love getting myself excited before getting to my bfs then it used to have a chain effect on him n hed b twice excited x

AS I've said, doesn't bother, was only asking others what they do

Sorry id posted before your last post came up. X

I hadn't thought it bothered you. You'd said that you don't fully believe her, and I was just trying to give reasons she's probably telling the truth :) The fact it doesn't bother you is just another reason for her not to lie!

Personally I dont think of my OH or a play partner unless Im remembering a particular thing we have done. Similiarly I dont think of porn stars or celebreties as they aren't "real" or attainable in my head. Mine usually include people I know or have met but have never had any form of sexual or intimate contact with.

I never think of or fantasise about my current partner/girlfriend when I'm masturbating. But I do fantasise about past lovers, and also women I haven't actually had sex with: colleagues at work, women I've seen on the street, whatever.