Who gets VERY wet

I have found that I get very wet very quickly, which is of course great!

However, earlier today when me and my partner were having fun, I was so wet that when I moved at times (like just moving, not even when my partner was touching me at all) my lady area was making funny noises - kind of like a fart noise, but I know it was just my wetness. My partner wasnt phased, and it has happened before so I'm not embarassed.

I'm just curious, do any of you other ladies ever get this? I've never really read/heard about it before and I know I can't be the only one! :)

Yep, this happens to me too! It doesn't phase me or my partner and he reckons it's sexy. As long as it's not a mega loud queef (yep, this has happened before!) we just normally ignore the funny noises. But in the case of loud queefs, I find it really difficult not to laugh, I'm terrible for it!
Isn't it funny how if I hear his balls slapping against me, it's sexy as hell, but as soon as I hear a queef I'm gone in terms of laughter? I am so weird lol.

Yes this happens to me! I usually get so wet that it's all the way down my thighs and sometimes even on my belly (however that happens!). Luckily I don't always make fart noises, only occasionally, but it does make me laugh hysterically when it happens and really kills the mood for both of us.

My partner used a wand on me when I was soaking wet before and that was hilarious, it made such weird noises!

Yep, it happens to me too, my oh doesn't bat an eyelid. If its a loud noise then we have a quick giggle and carry on. He loves that I get wet and squirt, the wetter the better!!

The ex husband...hated it! Think this makes me more conscious of the noise and I perceive the noise to be louder than it actually is.

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Happens to me on occasion, its usually quite quiet though. however my ex hated it and it made me super embarassed...

Yes and I LOVE that noise! And so does my partner!

Definitely a sign everything is going well! Definitely a sign I'm doing something right!

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You're so right all of you! As a man I love my woman soaking wet, I love the sound of it and I love to taste it. I don't think I'm the only man appreciating a woman's wetness.


I've done it a few times before :') the worst thing is when my OH thinks I farted instead of queef xD

Yes your quite normal ! We call them fanny farts . We have also started using a beach towel as well as this saves staining/wetting the bedding .

Yep my bf makes me queff ... annoying but funny... he seems to like it thou

I think it shows him his pushing all the right buttons x

I get it. It puts me off a bit, usually happens towards the end of our fun, so is like the final bell in a way. OH just cracks on and finishes, we won't try anything new or interesting after it.

Sadly no. We need to use lube every time we have sex. I rarely get wet enough to scrape by without any help from lubricant :( xx

I get really wet and feel it on my thighs usually with anticipation before sex even begins... I dont make any noises unless air is trapped when doing the doggy. .. I hate the sound as its distracting but oh loves the sound and being so wet he can see it through my pants which is horny xx

I don't make any noises but I do get really wet

This is a sure sign that you and your partner have got things right, the wetter the better in my opinion, keep having fun together.

I agree with the above posts. It is seriously hot when a woman is really wet. It is such a turn-on.

Thanks for the responses :) i was just wondering if anyone knew what it was from like a biological point of view? like is it trapped air bubbles or something inside?

Also, it has only happened a few times but only after over a year of being with my partner. Is there any particular reason it can start when previously for the past year (was a virgin before then) it didnt happen?

Im all curious for some Lovehoney knowledge now haha :)

Yep, fanny farts sometimes here too and my oh had only to kiss me for a short while for me to get very wet, so much so that if we're out for a meal for example I'm afraid I'll leave a wet patch on my seat ! The noises only seem to happen if we're doing it doggy style and he dosen,'t come inside me, so yes trapped air seems to be the culprit !

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Fanny farts happen if your shoulders are lower than your bum.. if you straighten up doing doggy.. shoulders higher than arse no fanny fart.... seriously true....