Who plays you in your film?

Apologies if this ones already been done, but I just got back from town and sat down to watch 'A walk in the woods', based on the Bill Bryson book of the same name.
So anyway, I cant believe Robert Redford as Bill, and wondered who chose him for the roll.

Yeah, so anyway, who plays you in the film of your life?

Hmmm... thats a good one. She would have to be small, dark hair. Definitely English.... im still thinking!

Who would play you Zephron?

Siren40 wrote:- Who would play you Zephron?

OMG I forgot to do myself as an example :(

I want, if he's available, that Bradd Pitt fellah, round about the fight club era. Also loved him in benjamin button. Think he's the closest to me with my kinda mousey brown hair and looks. He might have a slightly squrer jaw than me, but I won't hold it against him.

Hmmm toughy! Ashley Jenson would be great as she has the same accent(we live a few miles apart just, well till she starred in Ugly Betty!) or Rumour Willis!

OK so, I'm tallish, skeptical & fairly obsessed with sex.

I'll have to be David Ducovney

Ok I had to google British, brown hair, green eyes

Anna Friel!! Fairly similar

Ooo good question! I would probably say Renee zellweger since I've been told I look like her (I don't see it though) and I'm very Bridget jones

Lesley Sharp! Though she is 30 yrs older than me 😂 But I love her, she was amazing in Afterlife. No idea for somebody my own age though, Mia Wasikowska maybe.

Although I seem to be forgetting that I am not that skinny anymore 😂

Hmmm, after all the gym work I'm doing... Got to be Vin Diesel to play me. I mean, he is even a Dungeons and Dragons fan!

A cross between Sandra Bullock and Jeanne Tripplehorn. :) They both look fabulous, so it doesn't bother me that I'm a good bit younger than them!

I think I'd choose my neighbour from 3 doors down, hidden mane us Derrick and he does the best impression of me I've ever seen.
He's a binman by trade though so not sure if acting is his bag.

Mellisa McCarthey. Shes so funny. I'm a completley different shape and much taller but she gives 0 fucks so it seems!

Lucy Hale, as apparently we have very similar faces (and she can act) so it would work out well I think!

Mr Bean.

Seth Rogan

Catherine Zita Jones, she is a little older than me, and a lot more attractive but I had a picture of her in a corseted outfit on my fridge for ages as motivation for losing weight.

Probably Sarah Millican, although she doesn't really look like me, we're pretty similar personality wise :-)

GollyGotha wrote:

Probably Sarah Millican, although she doesn't really look like me, we're pretty similar personality wise :-)

Ah I love her! She's hilarious :)

I would definitely watch her in a film of someone's life. 

GollyGotha I never even thought of her. My mum laughed hysterically when I dyed my hair platinum. Same shape, glasses and hair.