Who would you fuck?

Question for the men and the women - if you could sleep with anyone in the world, who would it be? Think carefully, because you only get one choice. Mine's Kayleigh Pearson, the model. Not sure why, just something about her. She looks like she'd be a hell of a lay

Cliched, but Mr Johnny Depp, here I cum.

It has to be wentworth miller from prison break,ooh his so hot,what i would like to do with him..

I would have been Heath Ledger if he hadn't died yesterday. (sob)

Keeley Hazell for me. She ticks all boxes
But I must admit that I have a massive thing for Rachel Bilson who used to play Summer in The OC

Predictable, a bit like Joynny Depp, but I have to say Kiera Knightly.

nah, Keira Knightly's pretty enough but she's got a body like a ten-year old boy. I think I'd sooner shag Johnny Depp.
Rachel Bilson is cute as a button though

erm...it would have to be ashley cole...if i ever met him id try my luck...seemed to work with that girl from the newspapers l8ly

chris evans from the fantastic four films not the wierd ginger one! he's absolutely gorgeous and has that cheeky little glint in his eye that makes you know he's just gona be a good fuck ;D oh god a girl can dream! haha

Ever since I saw him as Henry VI it has to be Jonathan Rhys Meyers (corrrr!) and for my Bi side I'd like Dita Von Tease please!

hey hornster..i did a google and she's called alice krige..theres some topless pics of her out their aswell of lots of her in the tight leather lol

Guy - Chris Evans (the fit one, agreed with flirtybabe), I got a topless pic of him on the background of my computer, mmmm. God he has an amazing body!

Girl - It's a tough one, but I'd have to say Keira Knightley, she looks like she'd be really naughty in bed...

for me its julie walters, I love the older woman.. and she just oozes sex.

im not a big fan of keira knightley, id want a girl with a little bit of meat on her- angelina jolie in the tomb raider days or sophie howard looks like a naughty bitch lol mmmmmmmmmmmm chris evans is gorgeous isnt he creative? hehe although i would kick gerard butler out of bed either... in fact i think id handcuff him to it so he could never escape!!!!!!

for me its ashton kucther hes so cheeky i just love him!

Daniel Craig ...... yumm!!!

mm id do ashton kutcher too lol!

Carol Vorderman - no doubt!!

Valerie Kaufman - ok campers, Seven of Nine ... hot or what !!!!
Pass the tissues please!!!!!

Oops, l mean Jeri Ryan !!!!!!! Sorry Jeri xxx