Why does sexual desire itch?

Perhaps my nerves are weird or something, but when I need sex, I feel itchy. Need my nipples scratched, my clit licked, and the itch goes away for a while. This morning, GF used her fingernails to rake up and down my body and bit my nipples until it felt better. I can somewhat do it myself, but it isn’t as good.

Anybody else feel like their needs are itchy and urgent like this?


I’ve got a constant itch that needs scratching :face_with_hand_over_mouth: luckily he’s more than happy to help me out with it :wink::smirk:


Hmm interesting. I occasionally have itchy nipples but I’ve never associated this with being sexually aroused or horny. When it happens I just scratch myself and find it satisfying. I hated having my nipples touched for a couple of decades, this has turned around and I have started using gentle nipple toys because it is arousing in my life over the last few months.

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It’s not really part of the urge but the toys and electro sex have opened me up to new sensations and I’ve come to enjoy an itchy feeling near the front of my ass for its own sake. :heart_eyes_cat:

Nope I don’t usually get itchy, maybe a tad fidgety but depending how horny and deprived I’ve been I can be like a caged tiger :tiger: