Why, hello...

Hey there folks,

Thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. Just a fairly sex/book/videogame obsessed 19 year old of Scottish origin, now (sadly) residing in North-Eastern England. Always like to try out new sex toys and tools, whether on myself or on my girlfriend (when and if I have one, of course).

Only had a little peak at the general forum, and I can already tell that this place is awesome. So yeah; look forward to speaking with some of you more, and buying more fantastic products. ;-)

Hi Drakinola and welcome to the forum (from a fellow Scot also residing in England)!

Hi, welcome :)

Hi and welcome.. Your so right, this forum is totally awesome =P

Hello Drakinola. Welcome! Hope you like it here I'm sure you'll fit right in as its full of nice people. :D

Hey :) nice to meet you! Welcome to the forums you're right, we are all awesome here! Xx

Welcome :)

I'm new here myself but already feel at home!

hey ! welcome ! have fun in the madhouse :)

Heya! ^^

Welcome to the forums =)

Welcome to the forums from another South of the Border Scot :)

Hello, welcome :)

Hello and welcome, like your introduction! :)

Hello & welcome! these forums are brilliant! Helped me out alot (: hope you find everything you want (: have fun! Xx

hey people :D

hi and welcome :)

Hi welcome


Hello and welcome.