Why is latex so sexy

Hi fellow latex lovers

I guess its the smooth sensation next to the skin in some cases. Another point of view is that it hugs the countours of the body nicley. Some people like the smell .

I love the tightness around my body and I must say I do find the smell intoxicating

I have always thought that it had a lot to do with our association of latex with sex from the smell and feel of condoms. A difficult thing to put to the test though. Can anyone here remember finding latex erotic before encountering a condom?

On the other hand, seeing the object of one's desire in a full tight-fitting cat-suit has got to press quite a few buttons as well!

I have made a few pieces in latex for my wife and I have to say its difficult to cut and glue things together while almost constantly distracted by a raging boner.

Brings a whole new meaning to being happy in one's work.

Clings to the body, shows off the feminine form so amazingly and when lube or food used with it just sensory delight

It just is, dammit!

Gives me an itchy rash, that lasts for a few days.
Not sexy at all, unless you're an itchy rashy fetishist