Wife being used

Maybe one for the ladies. My wife loves feeling used by men. Specifically strangers we meet. We meet men regularly and she loves that they come over and use her. She refuses to ever kiss them. When we meet more than one guy she makes them take turns on her rather than engaging with her together. She loves them talking dirty to her and calling her derogatory names. We usually meet married (dont judge!) Older men and she told me once she loves that they come to ours to have sex with her and view her as a slut.

Shes never explained why she enjoys being used.

Anyone able to see the attraction?


I often visit my best friend who is a dominatrix and I often help her out with her customers - kits a lot of fun and I can see the attraction especially the dirty talk and humiliation and I love to spank the men - but best of all I love the power it gives me as I walk around and they cannot touch …


My OH used to do that with her aunt! She loved the power over the sissy’s, to be honest I think I’m becoming one of her sissy’s now!


Nothing wrong in being a sissy - I get my sissy’s to suck my strap on cock


I’m usually made to suck her bulls.


I often suck the guys she sees.


Nothing wrong in sucking cock - I love doing it and watching it - I also get the sissy maids I see suck others cocks - it’s the look on the face when the feel the cum in their mouth the first time - such a laugh


@batjamboree that is so hot … edited by mod


I live as a Sissy eight days a month and seven days i dress and act as a French Maid (in the evening’s and whilst at home on days off).Wife/Mistress has now suggested that i turn Sissy fifteen days a month now and become a French Maid just a couple of days as a “special treat”.I was so quick to agree and became aroused so fast Mistress was delighted.She also told me as I agreed so quickly that i should be caned for taking away some of the delicious pleasure of her dominance by actually Sissifying myself and that i am a naughty Sissy for trying to take back a little control.I love her so much as my Wife and my Mistress and this aspect of our lives has surprised us both a little.She has found she loves being Mistress and in charge.I find that i have a really strong feminine side and although wearing lingerie all the time is very sexual it is also very relaxing and feels so ,so right as does my wearing dresses and skirts at home.I am still very much a man when out,going to local Footy matches,pubs and having a laugh with the lads etc etc. and i don’t want to change sex or date men.I have had jobs where i have had quite a lot of responsibility and power too.However, when at home more and more i enjoy my feminine side and i Just Love being a Sissy.I am really looking forward to seeing how much further along the Sissification road we are willing to go.

This is kinda a common thing too in gay circles where many guys like to feel used and wrecked as they put it, but I think it’s cause they enjoy the domination from others and being made to feel like a slave while being worshipped by multiple guys at the same time which kinda gives them  confidence boost. But also on other hand can be totally different to the individual as to what gets them off on it :sweat_smile:

Hi @bmcqei

Getting philosophical for a minute on your excellent question:

With many kinks, there’s a lot going on. For many it’s often about carving out the opportunity to suspend the normal rules of social and societal expectations. A play session can become a container (with boundaries you decide) for acting out or roleplaying naughty, transgressive fantasies.

The risks of paying a social cost: eg. rejection by one’s community/ employer adds a taboo risk element that feels dangerous and exciting to many.

The roleplaying session is often a space of irony. It’s typically a polar opposite of how the person feels they are pressured by expectation to behave in their day-to-day life.

‘Slutty’ fantasies are a natural pushback against often hypocritical expectations in society of women in particular exhibiting ‘good’, chaste, ‘clean’ monogamous sexual behaviour, and a rejection of real and perceived slut-shaming pressures.

It’s also a positive embrace of sex, desire, being desired, being the centre of attention, freedom from restrictions, and so on.

Degradation, objectification, and so on also have meaning in a person’s life. It can be a lot of fun to push back against these things too: To subvert or reclaim them in a private space.

Another aspect is the post session ‘reclamation’ of your relationship: The opportunity to step back into the comfort and closeness of a romantic relationship with a high level of honesty and trust, a marriage, a family, and a home.
It can give a whole new dynamic to a romantic relationship.

I’d hazard a guess the memories of these sessions can also be alot of fun in your other bedroom antics, and when facing humdrum situations in daily life too.

If you’re both enjoying this, it sounds super hot! :hot_face:

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Can’t help wondering what’s in it for you? Care to give us an idea of how this makes you feel?

I don’t understand how you can be comfortable with you oh with someone else, I would never share mines only person that chokes her and dominates her is me and no one else

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Honestly it turns me on. I like that she enjoys all these different men

Major turn on when my wife and I role play and she talks of her naughty desires like being used. Specifically she will ask as she moans for me to tell her why it’s so good and why it’s not all used up.

My wife loves watching me sucking cock and swallowing cum it makes us both so horny

As a woman who desires to be (but hasn’t yet been) used and shared, I think @Knottydevil is bang on the money - it’s a reclamation of her right to decide for herself what she wants to do, as a woman, and is going against the stereptype of what we’re supposed to be - good, faithful girls. It’s “bad” to do, but we’re doing it, and that makes us “bad” girls in the face of society. If our partner consents then we don’t care what anyone else thinks, because their opinions of us don’t really matter anymore. Most people do something “bad” at some point anyway, so why not get on with it by sucking on a cock or three?

In a similar vein, it’s why I love fooling around with some of my close friends now. Growing up, sex was only for married people, and letting another man/person touch my body out of wedlock - and for sexual reasons - was “bad”. Then I found out that my parents were swingers. Acting in a similar way is my way to say “if you can do it, I can do it too”.