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So @Mint-Monster brought up a great point with her new photos and fancy hair that garnered some of the attention.

Interested to know how many people use wigs in sexual encounters.

I feel that the ladies can get away with it a little easier than us fellas as I think if I put on a wig I’d look like Ron Burgundy and be laughed out of the bedroom. I do have a box of “Emergency Moustaches” just in case if you are into that sort of thing… So this is the question(s):

  1. Have you ever worn a wig in a sexual episode with your OH?
  2. Have you ever worn a disguise/wig in an encounter with a stranger or a first encounter?
  3. Have you ever had sex with a guy who was wearing wing that was either obvious or that you later found out that it was all a farce?

I think the best us males can do is a hat or something non-hair related…

We have some friends here in Canada who are from Nigeria and she wears wigs all the time… in fact, I hardly recognize her with dreads, braids, etc. from day to day. She is gorgeous but changes it up almost weekly with a wig of some sort… makes me intrigued… :thinking: I think I would like that as a significant other and having a new look once and awhile. What are your thought on those questions and your experiences?


Nope :roll_eyes::joy:

Answer to three questions is no.
male wigs are not made for looks in role play or otherwise. Unless you are Trans then Male wigs are available that do not make you look

1 - Yes… though really not often. I love good wigs and back when I was a student I had a few that often came out for nights out. As you say, you can become totally unrecognisable and different wigs also go with different outfits. Plus, if it’s damp out my hair has a tendency to turn into a giant frizz so wigs were just so much easier :joy:. For sexual encounters though, the only time I’ve used wigs is in a Dom type role with a wet look outfit. They are brilliant for letting you become a new personality, a kind of escapism into a different role.

2 - No

3 - No

Never worn a wig and I don’t think my wife has either. @Mint-Monster looks stunning in her’s though. I’m not sure if she only wears it as a disguise in the photo’s.


I usually wear wigs when I intend to do photos and then sex with my partner follows after that. But of course there are always events like Halloween parties or costume contests that are an exception. I guess I can’t really answer questions 2 and 3 since I’ve only been with my partner.

100% this!

@steve19 Thank you! I don’t mind using my own hair in photos, but wigs definitely add a bit of spice and variety to them. And as mentioned above, they make me look and feel like a different person. Even my partner says I come across as a seductive sex kitten in the photos, but in reality I’m not, haha. Awkward-weird-tomboy-nerd girl is more like it I reckon :sweat_smile:

But you’re right, it is a bit like a disguise too. Maybe I’m secretly a spy. Who knows? :wink:


There is wrong wit being a seductive sex and you pictures are always stunning. @Mint-Monster

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  1. No, but my wife has
  2. Only out clubbing with friends, not on a first date or anything.
  3. Hahaha. Nope

I had a friend at college who was into dressing up in a big way. His clothes were a bit of performance every day, and this made it dead easy for me to explore outfits if we were ever going to a fancy dress event, or even just popping out to the bar. He had this collection of clothes, wigs, props, make-up, greasepaint, and accessories for dressing up. Here in the UK it’s more common for this to be a ladies’ activity, but I think this is something we can all access, if we want to.

I personally lack the skills to Cosplay or cross-dress successfully by myself, partly because I’ve had next to zero practice, and don’t put in the time and effort to collect the necessary materials, but put my mate and his girlfriend, and their collections and skills at my disposal, and I’ve wowed people with costumes, including one at a party where I dressed as a New York hooker. The bloke-in-a-dress look, it definitely was not!
I think the accent, 5 inch heels, glittery handbag, and wig definitely made it easier to ‘sell’ this role for me.
It was a fun one-off for me (probably), and while it wasn’t a sexual thing (though I got plenty of admiring looks), I can totally understand the attraction of gender play for others.

I’m happy to dress up in other ways still, but Cosplay isn’t my wife’s thing so it’s mainly just for Halloween fancy dress these days.

I love the idea of “Emergency Moustaches” btw! :joy: :joy:


I have lots of wigs…cosplay styles… long… short… curly… wavy…afro… straight… in a variety of colours and styles.

Love them and love wearing them. It’s a cheap way to totally change your look as are coloured contacts.

I have worn one with a requested outfit for an “episode” and was great fun.

I have been wearing one at a first meet in an outfit…but so were they and it’s fab getting to know someone face to face without really knowing what each other look like.

No to the last one.