Wild sex with condoms

I personnaly thik that Durex is the most safest and realible condome, and i feel safe when I am using it. I especially like "extra safe" because it gives me trust from unwanted pregnancy, and i also like durex "performa" because it provides me longer and wilder sex.......
Now I like wild sex because i have a wild girl, and she want's to have sex at least 5 times a day, and I must admit that sometimes she is sexually abusing me, sometimes when i can't fuck her (baecause I am to tired) she is taking rubber pants and she is drilling me in the ass. That isn't very pleasent feeling so I must use some lubricant, and when I use it the feeling becomes good, actually wonderfull.
So as you see I sometimes like better when she fucks me with rubber pants in my ass, rather that I fuck her. My girlfriend is stronger then I am and many times when I have no choice, when I can not escape she is simply raping me and that turns me on. In later time she is using rubber pants oftener then usually, and pants are allready became „poor“ and „old“.