Wishlists - Removing items

I am just wondering if I am being blonde, but I find especially say on the testers wishlist which is constantly getting changed it can be frustrating to have to go through the items one by one clicking remove when there are tick boxes. Am I missing a delete all selected button, or is this something that could be looked at?

Unfortunately, you will have to remove items 1 by 1. I'm sure it's something LH might implement in the future, but it's one of the reasons I don't go mad adding items to my tester list because it is time consuming having to remove everything!

You're not "being blonde" Lol. Like David though I don't tend to add items to my tester list unless they're something I'm really keen to try and remove them (or add them to my most wanted list to buy) as soon as they're off the tester list so i really don't find it a hassle tidying the list regularly.

I do agree though that since there is a function to select multiple items it would make sense to have a "delete" option as well as an "add to basket" though it would be really annoying if you accidentally hit the wrong one!

It can be frustrating, but it's a good price to pay for free products.

I tend to keep the items I wanted to test there until they have the review up so I can just check quickly to see what they were like, and possibly add them to my wishlists, rather than looking through the review page as it tends to be a bit illogical when going from page to page for some reason.

I do agree with MrsMcX though, it's not that much bother considering if you do get something it's for free.

Oh I know Lovehoney are brilliant for letting us do the testers, no complaints there. Was just wondering as there's the select boxes and select all, so couldn't work out if I was just being blonde and missing a delete button. I do only put the bits I would like to test on there and regularly update, but they keep putting so many good things up! :p