Womanizer Classic

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I had a question about the Womanizer Classic. Basically i want to mix things up with my wife. She absolutely loves the toy and is her favourite. She can normally orgasm in about a minute on the highest setting and she said it feels amazing. I love using it on her.

I was wondering from a womans perspective, do your orgasms feel stronger when it is on a really high setting or low or lowest setting? Does a long build up on the low settings feel better in the long run? Any hints or tips would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!

My wife cannot use the Womanizer Classic on anything higher than the lowest 3 or 4 settings. She finds it far too intense and even painful to go any higher. She does come hard and very quickly using even these lower settings though.

That’s interesting thanks. My wife doesnt like it on full speed at the start but slowly increases to top speed and takes her not very long at all.

Thanks for your help!