Womanizer Premium Vs We Vibe Melt

I’ve been doing some research into Clitoral Suction Toys and 2 products seem to repeatedly be mentioned as leading the field. Both are rechargeable, fully waterproof, have 12 intensity levels, and are reviewed as being relatively quiet, but i’ve listed the key differences below:

Womanizer Premium:

  • £170
  • ‘Autopilot’ mode
  • Changeable head

We Vibe Melt:

  • £120
  • We Vibe App Control
  • Static head

For context, im a male looking to purchase the first suction toy for my girlfriend, mostly for clit stim during PIV sex. This is where the design of the We Vibe Melt seems to edge it, with many reviewers saying that the larger size of the Womanizer and its positioning of the suction head makes it difficult/impossible to use during PIV sex.
Other reviewers say that all suction toys aren’t great for use during PIV sex as their success depends on maintaining a seal around the clit, which ultimately means keeping it still.

At a lower price-point i’d happily take a punt. But at the more Premium end i thought i’d turn to the collective knowledge of the forum!

Does anyone own one/both and has used it/them during PIV sex? Did it work?

Any clit owners thoughts on how good either of these are? Most reviews seem to suggest that they are the ‘Holy Grail’ of sex toys.

Im definately down to these 2, so aren’t really looking for alternative product suggestions.

Thanks everyone!


I have both and can only use the Melt when doing anything internally alongside it as the “head” of the womanizer is set too far back into the body of the toy to allow for this :sweat_smile: As such the Melt has become my preferred of the two :+1:


Getting feedback from someone that owns both and has used both during PIV is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for the info. For the reasons you say, i was leaning toward the We Vibe Melt. Especially when you consider its also quite a bit cheaper. If you dont mind me asking, is it still your fave for Solo if use during PIV isnt a consideration?


I still prefer the Melt as I can use it with dildos/ vibes :woman_shrugging: :+1: It also seems more ergonomic and fits better in my hand, plus cleanup is much easier than the Womanizer (as the head needs to be taken off which can cause some issues with the smart silence when initially putting it back on the toy I’ve found :sweat_smile:) :+1:


Thanks so much. The info youve provided has pretty much nailed on the decision. :+1:t2:


I dont have a womanizer but i do have a melt which i use every week. This is my go to toy that lives under my pillow we also use it while having PIV sex. The vibrations on this are really strong on the higher settings and its the first toy that got me to squirt. I would not be without My We Vibe Melt :blush:


We have the womanizer pro40 and the length of the body protrudes past the head or nozzle, similar to the premium. It’s more awkward than models with the nozzle right at the end of the toy (we have a cheap one from Amazon which is very compact in comparison), but it’s still not an issue for us with the pro40. And I can’t imagine it being much of an issue for us with the premium.

We often have a pillow under my partners bum/hips so we can easily get a better angle for penetration. That angle also makes the long body of toy a non issue, I guess I slip underneath it :woman_shrugging:. Every vulva is different and there do seem to be a lot of people that say the Womanizer toys aren’t very compatible with penetrative sex, but it works well for us.

If you’re looking at the Womanizer Premium series 1 they’ve been on sale a lot recently. I’ve seen the we vibe melt on sale a few times recently too. If your partner has never tried a suction toy before it could also be worth looking at cheaper models initially.


Thanks for your response. All very helpful info! If you see the Melt on sale anywhere then please do let me know where. I’ve scaled the web and it doesnt appear to be on sale anywhere at the moment.

Big name brands can go onsale when they have big sales on. I got my melt in the xmas sales. Lovehoney run brand reductions from time to time. the sales switch over every week, so its worth having a check now and again (we list them in the sale and offers threads too :+1:)


Glad to hear that it really is as good as the manufacturer claims. I’ve rarely seen any reviews saying it’s anything less than a game changer, which is why im looking to go for one of the premium models. I know Womanizer is the ‘original’ but i’ve heard a good amount of opinions now saying the Melt is the way to go.

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The We-Vibe melt actually uses the same Pattented Pleasure Air tech as Womanizer Toys! :smiley:


I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the info! Seems almost odd that theres such a difference in price point.

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