Womanizer Pro 40 Charging Cable

Hey guys,

Bit of a weird one.

I purchased the Womanizer Pro 40 x Lovehoney around May last year for my partner.

Upon purchasing I hadn’t fully read the description around charging, when the box came it arrived without a usb charging cable which I rather foolishly assumed this meant the toy had a limited life span.

It was only until the toy stopped working with my partner and that it was flashing that we discovered there was a port at the bottom for a cable.

The issue being as said above, the box didn’t ship with the usb charging cable in our box? Having always kept it in the box, it’s not like we may have misplaced it or anything.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas regarding the type of charging wire required?

As the product is around 12 months old, it’s a bit of a weird one to go with to LH with, I have seen the cable replacements are 9.90 on the official Womanizer website but it seems extortionate + the shipping for one cable that didn’t come with the box in the first place.

If anyone is aware of cheaper replacements that would be great.

Any advice would be awesome

Lovehoney do sell spare cables, but you might want to contact Customer Care to find out exactly which first. :+1:

It’s unusual for the charger not to be in there, though not impossible. It’s worth taking all the bits out and double-checking though, as they can be quite well stashed. :slightly_smiling_face: (under any plastic moulding, in cardboard envelopes, that kind of thing)

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I’ve never had this problem. My chargers have always been in the box. I’d say go to LH customer care with this as this is an unusual thing to happen and they always have good customer service. I’d say email them is the best. The live chat feature on the website isn’t very good.