Womanizer pro

Help haha i love the womanizer but does anybody else struggle as soon as your wet? And also i only know when i turn it on it has 3 differsnt speeds is this right? Mine is the bronze coloured one?

This one?

It should have 6 intensity settings. I don’t have that specific one so maybe the jump between some of them isn’t very big so it doesn’t feel like it is going up?

How do you mean you struggle with it? Keeping it in place or feeling the sensation or something else?

Is there anyway to message private im all new to this forum sharing lol dont know what im doing

And yes thats the one

No it’s an open forum so there is no private message facility. The whole purpose of the forum is to talk about sex and sex toys so there is no need to feel embarrassed. Lots of people ask for tips about using certain toys.

If you don’t feel comfortable to share though, use the search button at the top and search for Womanizer. There’s lots of threads so maybe there will be something that will help answer your questions.

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Hi @hollymoran9 , welcome to the forum. The Womanizer Pro should certainly have more than 3 settings. I don’t have the Pro but even the lower level ones have quite a range and build to a very intense level.

I know the pro has the feature the others don’t in that it stops if you lose the seal round your clitorus in order that it stays quieter (as the others are rather loud when not locked on), is this what you’re having problems with? Are you losing the lock and then it’s essentially turning itself off? Are you using lube around the seal to start with? If not, maybe try that as it then shouldn’t change once you get wet.

Hopefully others, who do have the Pro will be about shortly and may be able to help you but if you do want to talk to a member of Lovehoney staff one to one Livechat is probably your best option and they’re really helpful.

Doh, yes, sorry. Read Pro, brain translated to Pemium. Ignore the stuff about cutting out that doesn’t apply! Still maybe try with lube though and see if that helps keep a constant seal. Thanks @Ian_Chimp !

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That’s only on the Premium and Duo. :+1:

Hello and welcome @hollymoran9 :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the community section of the site, so we’re all just regular people swopping sex tips and toy recommendations. If you have a problem with an order, or want to discuss an issue privately, you need to contact Customer Care. :+1:


If I remember correctly, the speeds start mid range rather than on the lowest speed so you should be able to go up or down. Not 100% certain, I threw mine away in December because I wasn’t keen on it.

So happy in love with how it works