Apologies if something similar has been asked in the past but OH is keen to purchase one of the womaniser models but doesn’t know which.

Firstly can anyone recommend which model would be the best to buy as there are quite a few on sale at present. Assuming more expensive the better - longer between charges, different settings etc (appreciate everyone is different with toys and what is good for one may not be the same for others).

Secondly as we missed the opportunity to buy with the birthday discounts, are they ever on offer e.g. In a sale or one of the DOTD?

Not sure whether to hold out until her birthday discount at Easter or use the 25% discount now.

There’s a Comparison Table that you might find useful?

The Womanizers can sometimes be on offer, but nowhere near as regularly as Lovehoney own brand items. And when there is an offer on across the brand it’s normally 20% off (but can be stacked with the Unlimited discount). They did do a Womanizer Pro40 as deal of the day with 40% off, but there was a blue moon that day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Ian_Chimp we will look at the table and see how they all differ.

Then commit to buy or keep fingers crossed it does go on offer again sometime soon :crossed_fingers:

If you work out how much it’d be in each case I think there’s about £25 in it (based on the Premium, less if a cheaper model). It depends how much you want it, and how quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m also after a womaniser, asked my wife to pick a sex toy of her choice because normally she just lets me pick, she decided she wants a womaniser so holding out for a good deal


The ‘cheap’ £40 one only lasts 30 mins then is destined for the bin as it can’t be recharged, so I’d avoid that one. Otherwise I’ve heard really good things about every other model.


I have the womanizer starlet and can definitely recommend!! Small and compact but packs a punch! It has 4 intensity settings and is splash proof, so up to personal preference as to whether it suits you.

Can admit that I do have my eye on the Pro40 though :eyes: :joy:


I’ve just reviewed the Womanizer X We-Vibe Golden Moments Limited Edition Pleasure Collection.
Wondering why I haven’t tried a Womanizer before (or W-Vibe for that matter). Both are amazing!