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Anybody got an experience with wooden sex toys? Seems to be a niche market for them. I’ve got the skills to make them and thinking of knocking a couple out.


I have never seen them before but can’t see why not. Just be careful of splinters! :woozy_face:

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I’d avoid them. Think about it - wood cutting boards can hold germs from raw meat. So, wood sex toys might…hold other things. Hard to clean.

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I think it mainly comes down to what coating you are going use on your finished products as it needs to be something non porous but also body safe. Definitely avoid using stains on the wood.

A well known (competitor, so I can’t name them) maker of wooden dildos says this about their coating:

So we worked for a long time to develop the process we call our ‘Lubrosity Coating’. It involves a medical grade polymer – used on medical devices. It’s formulated to be bacteria resistant, moisture resistant, hypoallergenic. It meets our high standards.

“Food safe” coatings are not sufficient as they still absorb moisture.

Lovehoney do sell one wooden dildo currently, this flogger one, though I don’t own it myself or know what coating they use… it has very favourable reviews.


Hi there , be careful of splinters and in your sphincters. Why not make St Andrews crosses or other bondage furniture? Various wooden sex objects have been found by archaeologists, the wood is all hardwood types like lignum, mahogany etc there are toys made from eucalyptus and bamboo which are anti bacterial. We prefer glass, metal or plastic.

I have a wooden Humbler but, of course, that’s 100% external only so the material is largely irrelevant.

Never actually seen one before, might be a silly question but what about splinters ?

Would have to be coated

I have had one made and there’s no need to worry about splitters as there fully coated and so easy to clean I just use the love honey toy cleaner there a great added extra in the bedroom

I have made a number of wooden toys in the past and make paddles with wood and on a lathe made solid wood dildo which is very beautiful

What sort of wooden toys would you think of making?
I’d defo firstly think of splinters and cleaning, so it’d need to be smoothed down to silky perfection and then treated with something body friendly that’ll allow hygiene cleaning and not ruin it :nerd_face:

If you do go for it, then you can use the name “wank plank”.

You’re welcome :smiley:

Make them, just, if you sell them, make sure there is a disclaimer with something like “display purposes only” type of things

I’m not sure that bacterial contamination is actually that much of a problem - wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, such that some people have argued that wooden chopping boards and kitchen utensils are actually more hygienic than plastic alternatives.
I’ve never tried this myself, but can imagine it would be interesting to try. There would also probably be the “ritual” of treating it with linseed oil or similar to maintain the wood.

I guess as long as they aren’t for internal use then they could well be great as I love to see the wood pattern. Wood has a nice warmth to it and can feel so very very nice against the skin.

Oooh sounds painful. They’re all the rage in Amsterdam. Or at least they were when I was last there.

Fun fact. Since you mentioned archeological discoveries. Wooden dildos were found in both Egypt and Peruvian Pyramid time eras. That being said, elephant dung was also a contraceptive at that time so hygiene wasn’t exactly top notch. :rofl: (I’m sure there were others in other places too, those just came to mind off the top of my head).

As for wooden dildos, I do concur that bacterial retention would be the biggest hurdle to over come and short of a medical grade coating @Peitho referenced, I would be leery. It’s not like you can put a waterproofing laminate on it without making sure it’s body safe. And contrary to @physicist ‘s opinion (no offense intended), I would have to disagree. My first job was selling CutCo knives. The biggest selling item was the non wooden knife rack and cutting boards (and the non wooden knives obviously) for exactly those reasons. No bacterial retention. Admittedly some woods don’t retain bacteria as much as others, but when talking about wooden cutting boards on the market they aren’t all or even close to predominantly made out of those woods.

I think there would be a novelty market for wooden dildos but if there’s a competitor that already has an (I’m assuming) patented process then I don’t know how much of that niche market you could target.

I do think any woodworking skills that wouldn’t be for internal usage would be in very high demand though as @Tanya-Louise mentioned. There are some amazing iron/metal BDSM…configurations that you could make much more cheaply than with metal (I would assume, depending on type of wood anyway), and or have higher quality craftsmanship than random welded or thread jointed metal connections to contort “racked,” individuals in.

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