would people recommend a silicone, metal or glass butt plug

Hi, I'm looking to purchase a butt plug and I was wondering if anybody could help me decide which one to buy and which is better out of the silicon, glass and metal butt plugs. These are the 3 Iv been looking at

The silicone one


The metal one


And the glass glass

Is it your first butt plug? I'd go for the silicone if it is, as the other two materials have no give

NatandTom wrote:

Is it your first butt plug? I'd go for the silicone if it is, as the other two materials have no give


I agree with NatandTom. Silicone is nice and flexible so you won't potentially hurt yourself. And rigid materials feel a lot more girthy than they actually are.

The answer to your titular question is yes.

Can you get all 3 - you won't regret it

The silicone one has a ball inside for an extra sensation ? Can you actual feel the it moving round and does it add to the butt plug experience?

As your not new to anal play, (reviews of anal beads and doc Johnson anal vibrator) I would say the silicon and the glass!

Now im not at all qualified to give this advice as I have yet to purchase my first butt plug, but that said the silicon one should have enough flexibility for you, then progress up to the glass. I sent that glass one to Terri a while ago and she loves it.

All of them are the "right shape" would go with silicone first though the rattle ball may not give much effect, a bit of lube and I doubt you will have any issues. The only problem is liking it too much and then wanting more and more as I know.

Metal! Ive never felt anything like it before. U wont be dissapointed

Wow what makes metal feel so amazing?

It's heavy, cold or hot - offers more in sensation than just something in your butt.

I can only comment on silicone and glass.
The first one I got was this one
Which I would say is good for beginners as it is pliable and gives a nice feel.
To be honest though I've never looked back since having this one.
Well I have looked back because it's very pretty 😊
Now I shall explain why I prefer glass, it's cleaner, it is smooth so no nasties can get stuck in grooves and it's nonporous. You can insert without using lube, the weight gives a nice full feeling, there's the added delight of temperature play. If you do use lube it is compatible with water based as well as silicone. When having sex both partners can feel it and you don't have to upgrade to a larger sized one due to its weight and non pliability.
I would imagine glass and metal are very similar.

I really wouldn't recommend inserting without lube regardless of what material your plug is made of.

I have that glass one and it's great, but if it's your first plug I'd recommend the silicone one...

I chose this glass one for my first anal play experience, and I was really happy with it.


It's rigid, and has no give, but I found that rather exciting. Also you get to play with temperatures, which adds a bit of spice to it. I decided to go with that one mostly because it's so beautiful, which made the thought of anal play less intimidating. The size of it is very manageble for first-time play.

I have that Silicone one and I love it, silicone normally does offer give but you don't really get that with this particular plug. The ball definitely adds a joyous sensation, especially when being spanked!!

I prefer silicone, I know some people find hard materials like glass and metal are a little uncomfortable.

OK, a question that really needs to be asked here:

- Are you looking for a plug to wear during sex or play, or a plug to wear longer-term like during the day??

This will help determine what will be more suitable for you.

As far as shape goes, the three you have chosen all seem good for both play and long-term, but the neck on the metal one is a bit short - you might find it less comfortable for longer wear because of this.

They all have a wide bulb and long thin neck, suitable for longer wear. Though you would also need to bear in mind the feeling of the base - the metal one has a really chunky base, so it might not be so good for longer wear.

Not an expert by any stretch, but I'd follow the general concensus here. I have a couple of silicone plugs, and they are much less intimidating for first time use, the 'give' makes a lot of difference. Then, once you realise how amazing they are, I'd go glass. I've only just got my first glass plug, haven't even got around to reviewing it yet, but initial impressions are amazing. However, I honestly believe my experience would have been different had I not got the hang of things, as it were, with a silicone one to begin with.

The plug will be used during sexy and some spanking session to add a little bit of spice, that's why I wondered if the ball inside the silicone one would add and extra sensation