Would you ever work as an escort

Have just been chatting on another thread and it got me wondering....

Would you ever work in the sex industry as an escort and if you have what was your experience like? I haven't myself but if I didn't have children I think it would be definitely something I would have tried

Even if I was single, I definitely wouldn't. I don't have anything against escorts as long as they're working safely and they're happy, but it's not for me.

Sex has a lot of value to me and I don't think you can put a price on it. I just wouldn't feel right accepting money to sleep with people I didn't want to sleep with. It's nice to think that you get paid for having sex, but you don't get much of a say in who you do it with (unless you're able to pick and choose), and that would bother me. It also takes me a while to get used to being with a new partner, and for them to learn what positions hurt me etc (due to having endometriosis and a shunt), so escorting would definitely be out of the question for me anyway.

If someone enjoys it and it's right for them, though, I don't see the harm. :)

It's something I've been interested in for a long time. Almost everything about it appeals to me, wearing luxury lingerie and fetish wear more often, experiencing different things, making money while doing something I enjoy, ect...

However as I am petite and look young, so the clients I'd likely attract has stopped me from doing anything like it, as well as camming. Plus my partner has said that if it was something I ever wanted to do, he would try to be ok with it but it'd be unlikely. So I'd rather keep my relationship where I get to live the majority of that kind of life style anyway :)
Plus I work in a lingerie/sex store, so that helps a little, ahaa.

I have known a few women and men who have done escorting before. Most enjoyed it and made a good living out of it, others didn't like it and some struggled to make money out of it.
I couldn't do it, not because of emotions though as I am quite good at switching them off but because I would be worried about the clients (have been attacked in the past) so would be very anxious.

I only ever want one sexual partner, the man i love and marry, so its the opposite of me. I see even kisses as intimate and special, and honestly don't understand casual sex, it's the most intimate you can be wth someone physically and you're at your most vulnerable, to me there needs to be true love there.

i signed up to be an escort in my younger days if i did not have a day job i would have starved to death six months not one job so ended my role as an escort

My first instinct would be no, I like my sex to be more lovemaking with the man I love. Having said that if a man wanted me specifically for sex and nothing I wasn't comfortable with, and he was offering a lot of money, and my OH didn't mind then maybe/yes.

I have worked as an escort before, and yes I would go back to it if I ever felt like it, however as a pro domme and sex coach escorting kinda clashes as I don't offer sex. I rather enjoyed escorting, but heck it was tiring and a lot of work. Sorting through emails, checking clients back-grounds, and then just being there for emotional support was very tiring at times. But then again it's similar in the above career, but I think maybe they offer me a bit more in ways of reward and satification.

There are a lot of clients I do miss thopugh, and some are now even kinda friends (you know the kind of people you say hi to in the street or nod your head to when you pass, maybe chat aboutj the weather, etc).

oh and wearing sexy lingerie and fetish wear. I actually found I got more clients when I wore clean and pretty dresses and outfits which you'd wear out for a nice lunch, than wearing lots of fancy lingerie etc.

I worked in the sex industry. For quite a while and although I never sold sex, I loved it. I worked as a cam girl, as well as a DM.and I'd definitely go back into it. Money was great. And I met some fabulous people.

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I used to want to, but then I also used to think that escorts really didn't have to have sex with their clients. What can I say, I was naive and believed the stories of lonely gentlemen whisking you away and paying for your company and nothing else.

I think, like you OP, it would be something I'd do if I was at this point in my life but didn't have children and was single. I don't have anything against the job, just wouldn't do it with having a family (especially as my partner would hate me doing it).

If I was really stuck and struggling to provide for my children I would do it in an instant and would just keep in my head that they were my reason and the sex doesn't mean anything....

if i was single yes but i don't think theres much call for old granddads and i wouldn't earn much

I don't think I would earn a great deal either but it might be worth a try if ever needs must

I wouldn't be comfortable with escorting personally. It's the sort of thing that seems interesting and I have no problem with it at all, but it's not for me. I used to be a cam girl and that was tiring enough, so don't think I could cope with escorting at all.

Lady Ness wrote:

I rather enjoyed escorting, but heck it was tiring and a lot of work. Sorting through emails, checking clients back-grounds, and then just being there for emotional support was very tiring at times.

If you don't mind me asking, Lady Ness - When you were escorting, did you have many clients contact you through email, and did you respond to emails? I know different people will be different, but I've been trying to contact a few escorts by email recently and since getting no replies I wondered if it was against etiquette, or whether it's seen as time-wasting or such like.

Apologies to go a little off-topic here, curiosity got the better of me :)

If I was single I think I'd give it a go. I'd love a go at lapdancing too. Bit of a drawback being I can't actually dance that well though. I love strip clubs and always talk to the dancers and they always encourage me to try it lol. Again if I was single I'd try it.

As a man, I would never manage if my oh went into escort business (I know she would never do it). I wouldn't stand the thought of her being with another man.

It's the same the other way, I've never paid for sexual services. I can understand that there are lonely men out there in need of doing it, but for me it would feel humiliating to have to pay a woman for pretending to enjoy sex with me.

I think this is interesting as a question, as for me in my naive idealistic mode, I'd think hell yeah, get paid for having sex with different people, and get lots of variety in experiences. And wearing sexy underwear and being desired appeals to me.

But then when my more rational mindset (the predominant one!) is in force, I think to myself hell no way Jose could I do that! For a start, I like to feel in control, most of the time, and making myself vulnerable to a complete stranger scares the bejesus out of me! Whilst I'm sure some clients are lovely and gentlemanly, I'd be worried about the assholes who would be too rough / abusive, or insist on no condoms and if I had to make a living out of it, think it'd be far too risky. Now I'm a mum, and with my partner for life, I think I would feel very cheap and dirty if I sold myself for sex. At Uni, more than ten years ago, I had the chance to have a one-night-stand or two, and just couldn't do it. The thought of being an 'easy lay' made my skin crawl![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif)

Whilst I'm happy for my hubby to f***me hard! I could not see myself wanting that with anyone else!

I don't know whether this was intended as a ladies-only thread, but I would!

Although completely unrealistic as I'm nowhere near the hunk that I'd need to be unless I could find customers who liked it in the dark or owned a white stick and a Labrador.

But that would be the sex-only part. I could never charge someone for going on a date with them (or pay for it, for that matter).

My man has thought about it a few times, talked about it a few times, though without the sexual aspect. People still do that don't they? Hire a companion for events?

It isn't something we went into though, a cute idea that simply isn't suited to our characters.