Would You Rather?

Anal orgasm, because they are super intense.

WYR watch femdom porn or vanilla lesbian porn

Very difficult choice, love both, the femdom probably narrowly wins out though.

Would you rather watch your partner with another man or another woman?

I would rather see my wife go down on another woman. Would be incredibly hot

WYR wear a buttplug all day or wear a buttplug only during sex

All day, During sex it’s her strap-on hopefully.
WYR doggy style or missionary


Wyr chocolate spread or jam on toast

Jam without a doubt.

WYR morning sex or evening sex?


Wyr watch a sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise, more of a morning person.

WYR give or receive when it comes to oral sex?


Wyr buy gifts or receive gifts

Buy gifts.

WYR sweet or savoury.


Wyr cinema or movie at home

Cinema, can’t beat the experience and missed it a lot during Covid.

WYR participate in a FFM threesome or a MMF threesome?

That is a hard one, would like both but I go for FFM

WYR do pegging or have PIV sex

Pegging for sure.
WYR a great meal or great sex

Can’t we have both??? :innocent: I think on balance great sex.

WYR Date night or night out with mates

Date night with Mr
Preferably at a sex club :crazy_face:

Would you rather:

  • Experience something completely new
  • Play with your favourite toy every single day

Hard one, I am always in for something new but also love to have my favourite plug op my ass every single day.

I’ll go for experiencing something new.

WYR have cum inside your pussy or ass or on have cum on your face and tits

Definitely A.


Dominate or be dominated.

Be dominated

WYR spit or swallow


WYR. Underwear or commando