X dressing

I love been dressed up by my gf in ladys underwear but she not to keen any advice

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Lovehoney has loads. Buy your own and enjoy "me time "


Exactly, if she’s not that keen then maybe you can enjoy it as a you time type thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a few gfs in the past who didnt like it. We broke up anyway for different reasons, but I later found a gf (now wife) who didnt dislike it.

If its really important to you, you may be able to explain it to your gf and they may be more accepting.

If you’re really into your gf and your gf doesnt budge even after explaining it, maybe just let it go.

If you’re into it so much you aren’t willing to compromise, maybe you aren’t with the right person.

I don’t know how I’d feel about never getting to wear them but I think if someone kind of stopped you, it would only lead to resentment and frustration. Probably the best option is a heartfelt talk.

I’ll never understand why a woman wouldn’t be willing to let their man wear something that makes them feel good. I know, for example, how incredible a pair of stockings feel on my legs. It wasn’t long after I got with my now husband before I was suggesting he put some on too.

I love how lingerie feels, whether I’m wearing it or he is. His muscular legs look incredible in nylon and when he rubs them against me it is electric.


I’m single at the moment, but will certainly introduce my cross dressing early in a relationship as it’s certainly something I don’t want to stop, and if it’s a deal breaker for them, it’s better to find out at the start.


As someone who enjoys a bit of private cross dressing its always great to hear @LittleMissRedhead comments. I’m very lucky as my OH knows, shares and seems to enjoy me wearing lingerie and other stuff, although I do still find it hard to not be a little embarrassed occasionally but thats getting less and less.

I love the feel and lets face it why shouldn’t men get to dress up in something more than just a clean pair of boxers :man_shrugging:

I guess my only advice is patience :confused: