So my OH got home late on Thursday after 3 weeks, I had arranged to have Friday off (cause it was my birthday and I hate working my B'day) and we had a long lie.

I woke up to my OH stroking my semi hard cock from behind, I rolled over and she was wearing


My semi was now rock hard. I lay there watching her, stroking her nipples as she gently worked me. I moved my hands and she stopped me, she loves me playing with her and especially when I work on her G spot. I wondered what was up but it turned out she was so desperate for me that she wanted me inside her staright away.

She was so tight and still dry as she worked me inside her. The tightness and dryness was amazing, she pinned my shoulders down as I watched her face and her nipples getting harder. We barely moved, she was getting off on me throbbing inside her. I played with her nipples (she loves them being pulled) and she sat up on me before removing her breasts from the top.

Then she started to play with her clit (which she never does) as she was sitting on me. The show was amazing, just watching her like this was getting me close so when she started to ride me again I knew i wouldn;t be long.

Amazingly she came first, just as she was getting there she came down and kissed me hard. I could feel her cumming on me and in the tension of her kiss as the orgasm took her. Once she came down from her high she sat back up, put her hands over her nipples for the show and worked me again until I came hard inside her. We just lay there with her on top of me until we were ready to get up.

It wasn;t the longest or kinkiest session ever but just a nice way to be reunited.