Yet Another Newbie

Hello Everyone! My name is Juliettia. I'm a twenty-some coffee addict who likes sex and video games. Receiving sex toys to review happens to be one of my more interesting hobbies. I've been posting reviews for various sites (mostly on my own blog) for about three years now.

I was invited to LoveHoney by Krista (The Blogger Social Media PR and Affiliate Executive - USA) who had nothing but positive things to say so I look forward to getting to know everyone and checking things out!

hi there Julietta, welcome to LH :) Everyone here is lovely and really friendly too


Hey and welcome to the forum! Look forward to reading your reviews! x

Hi and welcome to the forum!

hi welcome and have fun

Hi and welcome

Hi Juliettia, pretty new too xx

Hello and welcome to the forums

I am sure you will fit in nicely.

Please take a look at the welcome page which has some great threads to start

Also the rules

Hello! I thought I recognised your name - I'm the UK version of Krista, so she and I are in touch regularly.

helloo! :D big welcome xx

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

I know you!