Your latest purchase(s)?

Along with a few essentials I bought the Lovehoney power player cock ring to add to my collection.


I’ve never seen the Zumio before, that looks odd and reviews make it sound amazing!

Hoping I might be adding a 4th to my list :rofl:.

Basically I’ve wanted a Zumio since reading @Ian_Chimp 's comparison review when he posted it here and as you say almost all the reviews think it’s exceptionally epic. I think it will take some getting used to but I have very high hopes. With £40 off the time was right.

@MrsLovett77 I’m wondering if it has won you over with more use or is it still not really for you?

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I have to say I have not been using it much, so possibly not as good an investment as I originally thought it would be. I still feel it is a tad too intense for my personal preferences and, even on the occasions I think about it, in the end I forget it’s there and end up choosing a different toy. I hope you enjoy it; looking forward to your future review :slight_smile:

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Fair enough, to be honest it was good to read a review that wasn’t a glowing endorsement to give a bit of balance. I’m hoping I love it but do expect it to take a few goes to get to know it, don’t expect a review any time soon :rofl:.

I definitely have a number of toys under the bed that were terrible investments for me despite great reviews and never get to come out to play. Hoping this isn’t another bit hopes still high at the moment :crossed_fingers:


I’ve not said it in awhile so I hope I remember how it goes, but… (and join in if you know the words :slightly_smiling_face:) Every body is different, so everyone can’t like everything equally. One person’s guaranteed orgasm machine could be the next person’s ‘meh’, so I’m afraid there’s no universal must-have toy, but a lot of the fun of sex toys is the exploration:slightly_smiling_face:

But the Zumio (especially the E) is still Mrs Chimp’s go-to toy in the bedside drawer. We’ve downsized our collection quite a bit now we don’t give as much advice/testing/reviews as we once did, but that one is the big winner from our whole exploration phase (the close second is the Sona and/or Womanizer).

I hope you do like it. :crossed_fingers: It is very precise, and I think there’s more ‘user input’ than some of the more plug-and-play style toys - so angles, pressure, position can all play a role, which may end up being a faff. Though the E is slightly easier I think overall.

Anyway, I’m rooting for it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Amongst a few other things, i Recently bought the confessions cards and some dice… Hoping it helps the mr be a little more talkative as hes still a bit of a closed book in talking about sexlife :woman_shrugging: