Your latest purchase(s)?

What do you use them for? All for different purposes?

Its the strap ones i have ordered, no posts etc on bed so need to get inventive with where to use them

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Sure he will. Have any links to the dildo?

You will get to love the rabbit I’m sure x

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we have the strap type ones with a harness that goes underneath the mattress, its fully adjustable for different sized beds too

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I can’t wait to try it either, and the raspberry one on my husband when I give him a BJ


If there is something connecting the cuffs, you could put one over the curtain pole. I’ve had a variation of this that was delightful :wink:

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Oh that sounds like a good idea!

We have the Dominix Deluxe Leather cuffs and find them to be extremely comfortable. We got the ankle and wrist both. Very nice and worth the price.

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@M8 like this one:


I just cannot help myself

Does it stay on long? :wink:

I’ve not bought anything in the last month or so but OH says as your birthday is this week I’ve bought you a surprise gift and it’s for you and you alone can’t wait to find out what it is

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Just bought this

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:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: that looks a LOT of fun

Hope this is better than the micro wand I got the other day from LH… mind you not feeling anything much lately my body is on strike :rofl:

I think you need to stick to a couple of toys and get used to them. They all take some time. My OH mini wand is her favourite toy. Depends where you get most stimulation from

I always loved the colours of that, I had the black version of it. Hope you enjoy it.

Yeah I love this colour ok didn’t just pick it for colour but the reviews are great and it’s mains powered :heart:

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Of course not lol the colour doesn’t determine that you’ll like it. Its got a good long lead on it, reviews are good, it wasn’t for me but its good that you’re trying lots of different types of toys to discover what you enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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