Are you signed up for the surveys to earn free Womanizer Toys?

I just recently signed up for this. Since Wow Tech and Lovehoney are now partnered, hopefully this helps out the forum too! Wow Tech has surveys in which you can earn points to order free Womanizer products. Are you a part of this? If so, how has your success been? What toys have you ordered?

Here is the link to register if interested!


I’ve been involved and trialing products for Wow Tech for a couple of years now. To begin with I was just filling out the surveys to earn the points to redeem new Womanizer and We Vibe products, now they just send me stuff to test and review every couple of months. You’d be surprised how many top brand toys are developed and produced underneath the Wow Tech umbrella too :relaxed:


Wow this sounds awesome! Will check it out. Thanks :blush:


This sounds great, but struggling to sign up as the confirmation email never comes through to allow me to confirm my email address - will keep trying and see if it eventually resolves itself

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Just signed up for this….you can never have enough
Sex toys to play with ;). Thx for the heads up!


And signing up worked? I have tried with 2 seperate emails now and neither have had the confirmation come through?

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I’ve been on wow tech for quite a while and have completed loooooads of surveys. I’ve had one tester from them too


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I get this error when I try to sign up with google account - any ideas?

Same here. And when I try to resend the email to confirm who I am, the website returns an “oh snap” error.

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Signing up worked for me just now

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Thats pretty awesome, too bad I didn’t get on the train earlier! Its a pretty good tactic either way, best to get honest feedback before the product roles out to the masses!


Ive been on there a while and done loads of surveys. Never been selected for a tester though.


Hi @ir1shlover - Just FYI, I tried a few times yesterday and never received an email to confirm my account (Inbox, Other or Junk). I tried again to “resend email” this afternoon and it came straight through with no problem so I think it was just a hitch their end yesterday. If you haven’t got through yet, it’s worth trying again now.

Update to this, I think quite a bit of the site is glitchy (at least on my phone), it freezes or doesn’t fully load quite often looking at the forum topics and the search function seems completely useless. The topics that come up don’t match my searches at all! I think forum wise I’ll stick here as it’s way more user interface friendly but I’ll happily fill in any surveys they send me :woman_shrugging:t2:.

No but think I’m going to

Sadly, not for me… I’m still getting “oh snap” when I try the resend email option.

@Peitho thanks for the reply, it worked for me when I tried again today, so all signed up now.

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Tried but no email confirmation shows up (inbox or spam)

New survey posted today!


They posted another survey today!

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You seem to get them on different days to me :thinking:. I had the colours one two days ago and a Romp one, which I didn’t qualify for as I don’t own a Romp (so fair enough I didn’t fit the criteria there) a couple of weeks (ish) back. Nothing today though.