Your latest purchase(s)?

My OH now loves putting on some lingerie as soon as we shut the curtains , she told me it make her feel more confident, super sexy and a little dirty. she knows I love it too!!

So…… i have had some new lingerie delivery this week. Hopefully we can save one for Vday. Not sure what one to save??


For Valentines Day we have bought a Fierce Leather Look Lace-Up body for my wife and a matching pair of Fierce Leather Look Lace-Up knickers for me.

Considering that its only been 2 or 3 weeks since i started wearing women’s knickers I’ve already got a fair collection. Its nice that my wife helps me choose too.


Just boring lube, a new type of anal which seems good for piv too as my wife says its less irritating and some in sterile sachets for sounding

I got the ‘unwrap me’ mens thong for valentines

Can’t lie sadly I was very let down by the underwear and it’s poor design

Bought my wife a lh rose, only tried it once can be a bit tricky to find the correct spot but when you do its intense for her

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Our experience is that suction toys in general need practice to find the sweet spot. Nowadays whenever we get a new toy for my wife I get out of the way so that she can try it out by herself with no ‘pressure’ from me to come or get any sort of result. Once she’s sorted it out I’m allowed to watch and ultimately join in.

Currently awaiting the arrival of my latest purchase some new lingerie. Things have developed into mostly quickies for our activities so to add some fun I’ve treated myself to some new goodies to hopefully slow things down and enjoy more


Last week I had to place an order from another website as lovehoney stopped selling the item that I wanted.

The item wasn’t from the original brand but it felt, looked and performed identically and at half the price as well.

@GlasgowGal What did younorder alwsy intrigued as what people buy

I treated myself to these two set the first of which went down very very well indeed with Mr Glasgow :sweat_smile::grin: /a44227g79709.html


Thanks for the information i have a similar one to the 2 one in red drive him wild i also purchased a nurses outfit which i accessories with eaither black or red stockings hope your keeping well

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That’s nice.

We’ve just bought the lace up knickers and the lace up body from the same range.
The knickers are for me and the body is for her to wear while she’s flogging, paddling or cropping me.

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Re-purchasing some of my favs in the smaller size due to my big (but very unhealthy) weightloss, and adding some new stuff to play around with, also, those discounts and a free gift? This is why I love Lovehoney :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I needed an excuse to treat myself… I haven’t thought of one yet but I am sure I will.

In the meantime, I :purple_heart: a freebie and this one was hard to pass up! :grin: