A message for Cazz :) (but everyone please feel free to add:) )

Cazz, I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to you and everything you have done on here! But most of all THANK YOU for letting me 'test ride' *giggles like a mad woman* a new toy all for free! I've had three days off from work this week and i spent pretty much all of today in bed playing with all my new toys! Best night of my life can i just say? Thank you so much for choosing me! Your review is up and waiting for approval :) Thank you once again and i have no doubt this thread will end with many more people showing their admiration for you!

Here here I agree ... But please send me something new to review :-)

Fully agree!!!! Love to get the messages from Cazz, hope to have many more.

Have to agree it's a great job cazz and all the rest of the team at LH do. Keep up the good work, we certainly fully apprieciate the privilege it is to chosen to test and review products.

Also agree with this strongly Cazz is awesome


Cazz has the power to spread happiness, love and lust. Long may it continue. It must be quite a satisfying job sending out parcels of happiness.

Thanks from me too.

blush Well thanks guys! What a lovely thread to come in to work and see heart

Cazz x

Cazz is brilliant and amazingly helpful :) Thanks for being you Cazz - hope you have a good day


Nice new photo too Cazz.

I totally agree, Cazz is such a lovely person and so helpful too xxx

Totally agree! You're like our sex toy fairy godmother! So grateful for getting the chance to be a tester - getting one of those emails always brightens up my day : )

Cazz is our special sex toy fairy 😄xx

*Sends more appreciation and sparkles Cazz's way* woop! :D

*runs in and sprinkles fairy dust all over Cazz*

Lovehoney - Cazz wrote:

Well thanks guys! What a lovely thread to come in to work and see

Cazz x

You make us happy, it's time to send some happiness back to you, in a different form than a review.

Three cheers for Cazz and the rest of the amazing Lovehoney staff!

Great job, I'm very jealous. If only I could relocate to Bath to work there!

Echo what everyone else has said

Thank you so much Cazz - I've had a few emails from you and every one has put a smile on my face :D

You do a great job here at LH I'm sure you make lots of people very happy :)

Have to agree Cazz is amazing and every time I get an email I get excited :).

The rest of the Lovehoney team are great and very helpful as well. Well done all. ;)

Agree! Cazz dose amazing work! :D