Addiction support

Okay here goes.

Everyboys most likely noticed that alot of people are currently attempting/quit smoking, which got me thinking about addiction as a whole. There's so many addictions from smoking, caffine, weight loss, drugs, sex addictions and so many more. What I was thinking this could be a thread where we come for experiance, support, advice, motivation about our addictions.

I'll start, I used to have a severe drinking problem. It got as far as bottle of vodka a day and other drinks if the opportunity arose. It started to make me a very destructive and mean person either when I had so much all inhibitions went out the window or when I felt withdrawel through having none. There's also the problems where there was no knowledge of what happened when I woken up.

At the height of the addictionion I let my hubby who has a daughter. This was a reality hitting moment leading me to know it has to stop. So I ended up on more prescription drugs to replace the alcohol but I did it 😊 some of the meds really helped as they taken many of the withdrawel. Over a decade ago since I had an active alcohol addition. It's left me with other problems though, prescription drugs for one which probably wouldn't be so bad if I'd sought natural remedies or not seeked an other addiction.

It was years before I could bare the smell of alcohol after quitting. I drink a couple of Spitzers every couple of months now but don't feel 'temptation' really. Well a couple of times if it's lovely and sunny I think of the beer garden or pub but I'll not entertain the cravings. Thinking about cutting the occasional drink out now too.

So now I'm really wanting to quit smoking but aren't sure where to start. And am worried that I'll find a new 'addiction', especially as I've been replacing roll-ups with cough sweets. It only lasted a day because of the diet but I found opening the sweetie really slowly and folding the paper over and over would help the focus but I'd got through two packets in a day. So had to stop that method. Now I'm thinking the packets of skins to roll the roll ups could be a good tool, along with grapes to put a taste in the mouth. With the ciggerete paper I could mimic the actions of making a roll up but without the tobacco.

Imo this could be such a beneficial thread to so many people as addictions massive. Whatever the addiction you'll find the support here. Prior experience is key too, as so much knowledge and goodness to be gained. Even motivation is a big factor as we all need motivational help.

Look forward to any input anybody in this incredible community has to offer. You're all beautiful and special here 😙💜xx

Slinky 💜xx

Hi Slinky I have battled with addictions. Food is the hardest one as you cannot live without it. I ended up with bullimia about 15 or so years ago and struggled with it for about 5 years. I managed to pull myself out of it and gradually piled the weight back on. Last year I decided to do something about it and have lost 5 stones the healthy way and now size 6/8. I gave up smoking 5 months ago but use an ecig so I've still got the nicotine addiction but none of the other nasties that come from smoking. I like a drink but I can easily go without it as well. I do have a tendency for addictions though and I think I always will. I can even get addicted to my handicrafts and fashion. My addiction at the moment is definitely sex but I'm not sure if it's linked to my change in hormones and time of life. ( hubbys not complaining though and it's good for my health and mood). Well done on kicking the drink that's a great achievement 😊👍🏻. I think once you know you can kick one addictions butt, then you can kick others. It all depends how much you want to 😜. I do believe you can or do replace one addiction for another but they can be good addictions ( just remembered exercise was another one of mine). ( I could do with getting that one back once my knee has healed). 😃 this is an interesting topic thanks Slinky. I shall be watching this thread closely as its not something a lot want to talk about or admit to, but with us being anonymous it's easier to talk about and it could be very helpful to some of us 😊 xx

Slinky and lil red kinkyboots, I'm glad you have overcome your past addictions :)

Slinky, about smoking, try replacing it by a habbit that's good to you, for example eat carrots or whatever. Go for a run when you feel the need to smoke, etc.

You could also try to cut the number of cigarettes you smoke by one in X days. Always take your firts and your last at the same time and rearrange the others so you take one less. After a while you end up only smoking two each day, then you cut out to one, and then none. I've never smoked myself nor tried this technique or known someone who have but I saw it somewhere on the internet and though it may be a good Idea and might actually be effective.

I think I am addicted to porn. It had a really megative effect on me and my vision of sex. I've stopped watching it (well, I've cheated a few times) and I still have hurges to do so sometimes. I feel I can never get as aroused as when watching porn. This makes me sad because I'd like to be so turned on by sex that it feels good. But, I have no interest in it and don't find it desirable at all. However, only the tough of watching porn turns me on.. That is problematic. I fear of never feeling aroused or excited about sex if I quit watching porn forever. I think it's unfair how my bf is naturally so aroused and that he also has so much things to add even more arousal such as lingerie etc, while I need extreme stimulation to feel any arousal. If I quit porn It'll just be worse.

This one is quite funny but I think I am addicted to social medias. It doesn't have any psychological effect, but I just can't seem to get off social medias and study. That sounds silly, as it's the same for any body, but I've been trying so hard and even when I block those sites I can't go 20 min of studying without finding a way to access them. I am losing so much time on it and it really affects my performance at school.

I don't have one yet, but I feel I may be vulnerable to alcool addiction due to how easily I feel distressed. When this happens, I'm just so down that I think "well, whatever, I just don't care" and then I drink beer. It's a kind of destructive mechanism I use for coping with life. This is bad..

Just typed for an hour and when I got post Id been logged out 😣😣 and have to run now I'm afraid because hubbys up and isn't impressed with my 'device addiction' 😞

Thank you lil red kinky boots and mamz for sharing and the tips and advice. There's fantastic suggestions, advice and insights. It's very brave and appreciated 😙

Lil Red Kinky Boots - i agree it's very interesting and many probably will avoid but the titles clear and there could be a wealth of help and support here. We could do something special with this imo of course.

Anyway I'll come back later and re-write that massive reply I've just watched dissapear 😭😭 keep up the good work all.

Big love for everybody who has addiction whether they're fighting it, fought it or not 😙 💜xx

There's actuay n evidence in sex or porn addiction. It is a social construction and a way of causing moral panic.

Even when the word nymphomaniac was coined, doctors admitted that it was used more as a way of control, and saw that those given the title of being one started to show the dangerous traits in described afterwards.

Firstly well done to all of you fighting and beating addiction, and a really good thread.

Some people have a naturally move adictive personality than others. I have a good friend that we (her husband and a few close friend) have to keep in check. She has a really adictive personality, fortunately she knows this, but it difficult. She has been addicted to smoking, cleaning, Facebook, spray tan, you name it. But we as a group make sure we point out its getting more than a normal interest and she is very good at accepting out concern. she has quit smoking, but still has a vapour cigarette that she is Definately addicted to. She gets very stressed if she needs to charge the vapour cigarette or hasn't got much liquid. But it's much better than smoking.

Im quite lucky, if I'm honest I'm probably addicted to sugar, so chocolate, biscuits, cake ect. But I do try to keep it in check. I do like a drink but only sometimes and I can go without a drink for weeks without hardly any effort, so I'm pleased with this.

By far my biggest problem is food. I have been anorexic and bolemic in the past, not in the traditional way, I didn't have body image issues, mine was fear of being fat and the abuse that came with it from my father. The end result is I'm overweight, my metabolism is trashed, and I have huge difficulties in trying to lose weight, because it's much easier to not eat at all than to eat healthily or to cut out things. I feel deprived by reducing my chocolate intake. I hope to lose weight but if I see I'm developing bad habits I will stop trying and try to get my head back into a better place to try again.

I have had these problems so long now that I recognise them, and can to an extent manage them, but I wish I could just eat and not worry about it.

When I stopped smoking I went down the self hypnosis, relaxation route via a group of people. Self help books and CDs are available. The CDs are so relaxing and zonked me out when i listened the first few times. Also double dose on vitamin C for two or three weeks. This helps rid the body of toxins. Mainly Haliborange tablets and oranges / juice. It won't be easy Slinky but, with a bit of support and determination you CAN do it. put the money you would have spent into a container and leave it for a month. Don't be tempted, eat fruit or raw carrots to munch on. Good luck, it will be hard. Reckon people can be taken off hard drugs easier than stopping smoking. XX

I've found stopping smoking this time the easiest its been. I was determined this time, but a habit is hard to kick. For me it wasn't the the taste but the habit, the e cig is great for me. The hardest point was around 3 days in but once I'd passed that point it was ok. I have had a couple of odd ones over the weeks but that's it.

Food is a difficult one for me. I love to eat, I an trying though. I have cut out my evening junk food and several snacks during the day. Its a start.

Addictions come in all shapes in sizes. Some more difficult to tackle than others, some people also struggle more than others.

Fun louise, may I ask what happened with your father?

Also doing musculatiob increases the basal metabolism so you burn more calories through the day, even without working out that much. That really is the trick and people tend to think running is the solution for weight loss but musculation really is.

people struggling with food, try drinking lots of water during the day. Also try to replace your unhealthy snacks for something good, ex I eat raq vegetable instead of chips when watching tv at night. Pick something healthy but that you like. Also, try eating something containing lots of water before your meal, like a soup or a salad. It helps creating satiation and in a result you eat less

Well done everyone, drink is my demon I'm clean now 2 and a half years, I can not have any alcohol at all, I enjoy pints of lemon and lime, I also with a poorly hubby I'm not throwing my life away, hugs everyone.

Okay this is out of hand. I've spent all the time since my last post replying everybody singularly but once again I've been logged out 😠 it's not like I stopped typing so don't get it.

Anyway once again I have to go and tbh spending all that time for it to happen again is soul destroying.

So I'm just going to say I've tried to reply all but it isn't allowing me. Know I've put heart and soul into it too. Everybody here should be super proud. And it's super brave sharing.

Kitten club - well done, that's incredible hunni 😙💜xx

Rosy and lil red kinky boots - you're an inspiration. Absolutely incredible you've done and I love that last paragraph rosy 😙💜xx

Jimbo - brilliant advice and fantastically put. Thanks for those tips I'll be sure to use them. Well done for quitting smoking. I agree, it's harder than hard drugs 😙💜xx

Fun Louise - you're a great friend and I know you'll be immensely supportive to your friend. I've an addictive personality too, it's very difficult.

I'm super glad you can recognise the signs with eating. Be careful with the diet because your statement 'its easy to eat nothing than eat heslthy totally hits home. Hunger goes quick when eating nothing and it is easier. So please be careful. I know you're intelligent and believe you'll recognise the signs. Stay safe and well done hunni 😙💜xx

Mamz - the social media is what I want to address but fear I'll get logged out and have to go out. Well done in recognition with your addictions. Stay strong and never forget how far you've came hunni 😙💜xx

Stay strong people. Again thanks for sharing 😙💜xx

Fag and booze are the hardest thing for me to give up . Have to limit myself to weekends . Other than that it's self control which I don't have a lot of ......

I feel I need a vit of support towards the lack of interest in sex other than porn :\

Lmh that is about the best bit of advice of read on here. It certainly sounds a good solution for mamz 😊

Lil_Red_Kinkyboots wrote:

Lmh that is about the best bit of advice of read on here. It certainly sounds a good solution for mamz 😊

+1 imh is super intelligent and awesome at advice. What about erotic literature too? You could read it or listen to it and invision the scene being with your boyfriend. Just a wee thought hunni 💜xx Anybody see my vaping question? I've been hunting since last night but they're so advanced and price ranges differ so much I've no idea where to start? 😔💜xx

It IS a great advice but I am not sure about it's realisation.

First I'm not comfortable with the idea of filming ourselves. I'd get so self conscious. I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself during the taping and I would constantly judge myself and feel uncomfortable when watching the video. I don't know why but the idea of watching myself having sex isn't appealing to me.

Second, we have no sex life. There wouldn't be anything great to watch anyway.

SLinky, the problem with porn is I imagine myself being the men, taking advantage of the other and taking pleasure from her. That's what turns me on. It's like if I've taught my brain that that's the only pleasure to be had: to be male and take it from someone else. That's why it's so destructive too. I think reading erotica and imagining myself with my bf wouldn't help in that sens as it would be the same as for porn.

I didn't see your vaping question and can't seem to find it. Can you repeat it?

What kind of porn do you watch mamz? Is it something that you can reinact with your OH? imh had a superb idea of filming yourself if it is something you could do.

Porn addiction is a tough one to get through. My husband has had therapy and now works closely with others affected by addiction. Sometimes porn can stop you wanting to have sex altogether as it puts a mental block in place. You can constantly compare yourself to those in it feeling you aren't sexy enough or cannot achieve what they achieve. It can be a confidence killer for some people making you feel worthless.

Terry Crewes recently came out as a porn addict, it was destroying his family life as it took control of him. His interview/article was really interesting to read.

I don't watch porn, I never have but I do see how it can appeal to people. I feel odd not wanting to watch it. If it is having a negative impact on your life mamz, even cutting back can be such a great help. X

Slinky, what was your vaping question? I might be able to help.

I'm trying to cut it back, but am feeling a lack of arousal and interest towards sex and I feel it's unfair that my bf is turned on by literally everything and that nothing can turn me un :(

I liked watching porn because it turned me on and the self sex was feeling good. Since I try not to watch it it doesn't feel as good as I don't get turned on that much. Doing things with the oh doesn't do anything in that way either. I feel sad about it and don't know what to do.

I was watching all kinds of porn but ended up watching more and more stuff where the male is in power and kind of takes advantage of the female's body, where it's all about his pleasure (like in all types of porn..)

Rosy - I'm so overwhelmed by the vapes. There's a huge variation in price and I don't know where to start 😯 like are the cheaper ones any good? Some of them are insanely high priced! I found this one where it's a 'beginners build your own' after hours of searching which had great review scored. What do you think hunni? 😙💜xx