Advice needed please

Evening all… I am a straight male with a healthy appetite for sex, love trying out new things and am game to try pretty much anything… I have recently been contimplating trying male g spot toys… Any advice and recommendations?

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Do it, enjoy it.

There is lots of straight guys use bottom toys

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You should try it!!

the worst scenario is that you dont like it and never do it again.

The best scenario is that you enjoy it and get to explore play with it.

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Hi :wave: if you search :flashlight: “P Spot” in forum thread :thread: search bar there is some great previous discussion, recommendations and how best to stimulate.

You definitely need to give it a go :star_struck:


As a man in a heathy relationship I enjoy pegging to get my g spot - cannot fault it

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Such pleasures you have awaiting before you sir!
As it’s your first time I’d start off with something small and not too intimidating to look at as that puts some guys off :sweat_smile:
Maybe something with a mixture of vibrations that you can hands free control…

One toy I’ve got what I’d recommend as a good investment piece is, we-vibe vector

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OH says it doesn’t do anything for him. He says he either can’t find the spot or it’s just broken :joy:

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Perhaps he needs something bigger or a more powerful toy?!

Fellow straight male here that loves anal and prosate fun! Honestly, go for it. When I first started a few years ago I was amazed how much more intense it makes pleasure and penile orgasms.

Took a few tries to get used to it, and you have to kind of rewire your brain to accepting the new sensations of pleasure, because at first all you’ll probably think that it makes you feel like you need to pee!

I’d reccomend a toy that is specifically for prostate play, rather then just a butt plug. That way you can use it to stroke the prostate more easily. Start slow at first, use plenty of anal lube, listen to your body and feel how it enhances pleasure, even all the way up to the tip of your penis, not just the prostate itself. Explore and have fun!

Edit: You just reminded me to post a review from a few months ago of the Lovehoney Ignite Prostate Massager