advice required please, dealing with severe period pain, cramps and sickness

So ever since I started my period 16ish years ago I've suffered the most horrendous cramps, sickness and pain. For a week leading upto my period in in agony, doubled up into a ball with my wheat bag as the pains so severe. From the day before my period starts I get very ill including vomiting profusely, doubled up in the most horrendous pain, rocking back and forth (when I was at school I had a week off per month) because it really was extreme. So I'm still having such problems, half the time I'm in tears 😢
So I'm hoping that some of you lovelies may have some suggestions /advice please?
Oh I'm trying to convince so birth control is a no no.
Slinky *♡*xx

In my honest opinion if they're that bad then the only way to ease them will be some form of birth control, but even then it's a trial and error of finding one which agrees with you and reduces the pains.

Have you been to the doctors about them? As there can be underlying reasons such as endometriosis etc that can cause severe pains... Might be worth making an appointment to get checked over by the doctor if you havent been already as if there is an underlying reason they can then help you to address it and hopefully stop the pains xxx

Birth control is the only form of help I can think of. I used to be on the injection for years and I never had one period during this time, I gained masses of weight which led to other issues, but I didn't have to suffer from the horrible pain so I stuck with it for years until of course I wanted to conceive.
I see a gp who fobs me off with these tablets, I forget the name metabasime or something like that, only unfortunately they barely touch the sides.
I have an appointment on Friday where I'll ask about the prospect of any underlying issues and ask if the surgery I had years back could be contributing. As it's gone on for too long xx

Sound terrible slinky, hope you get some help on Friday Hun x

couple looking to spice things up; It really is *sobs* I'm aware that alot of women suffer with their periods, but unfortunately for me this is alot more severe than most. I must be in the minority where a week out of every month is ruined as I'm bed bound due to the unbearable pain, sickness, cramps, aches etc :/
When I was younger the Drs would always say You'll grow out of it', hum I'm still waiting!
Hopefully I can drill some sense into the Dr as I can't go on like this, being sick one week out of four isn't nice xx

I was exactly same when I was younger, I went on the pill but obviously this isn't an option for you at the moment. After having my son I've been on the depo injections and rarely suffer with cramps. I really feel for you Hun hope you get something on Friday x

I knew someone who used to swear by some sort of magnets you could get that you can get for your knickers i can't remember excatly what they where called. also have you ever tried heat patches they help me when needed.

Cheers couple looking too spice things up, the the injection is fantastic! I'm so happy you've got yours sorted as best as can be. *♡*xx
With the injection, i would go back on it in a heartbeat, problem being that conceiving is on the top of my to-do-list. Just wish it would hurry up and happen lol!
Thank you fizzy, I shall google both those options as it's certainly worth a try *♡*xx

I'd def ask the Dr for a second opinion hun, sounds awful. Mine were also controlled for years by birth control and I didn't know about underlying conditions until ttc. 😢 huge hugs xx

Good luck i hope you find something that can helpm soon!

I take Mefenamic acid with paracetamol and a hot water bottle

I definitely suggest speaking to a doctor but in the mean time, you could try taking buscopan. It's an antispasmodic and I swear by it for getting the cramps to be more manageable. I'm on the pill now and run three packets together so I only have one period in ten weeks. That might be an option for you (obviously check with your doctor).

Would a muscle relaxer help?

Guess who's just started taking Buscopan (Slinky). I've only got wand muscle relaxer's would they count?
Thats the correct name-Mefanomic acid that the Dr prescribes me but they're hardly worth taking as they do so little.....I can't wait until I go too the surgery on Friday so I can ask them too check me over thoroughly as I have most symptoms for endometriosis. my GP knows that I've been struggling to convince aswell. Hopefully it'll be sorted or well on the way too being sorted come Friday
Thanks so much for your tips & advice, it's much appreciated :)xx

I also feel your pain.

I'm on the change now, but have suffered like you since my first period (at 9! I had no idea what hit me!). I tried everything the GPs threw at me but only the Pill helped. Some of the GPs I've had have been a waste of space but the odd few have been wonderful - the best have been at the GUM clinic. If you don't get any joy with your GP, try visiting there instead.

Turns out I'm hormone sensitive and being pregnant was also a nightmare for me. I had that awful all-day sickness and lost 1.5 stone before I got to 9 weeks. I'd be really interested to find out if anyone else here had nightmare periods that led to nightmare pregnancies. My mother apparently had the same problems I had until she got pregnant, then she never had a bad period after that. Maybe it'll slot into place for you, too. I hope so.

I hope you find a great GP and wish you luck TTC.

Thanks for your post VR,
Oh goodness, I'm sorry too hear you've suffered since 9 yrs of age :( I was 12, I can't imagine the symptoms starting so young, you must of been in agony without knowing what was happening. I'm glad that the pill worked for you, and offered you some solace. Unfortunately back when I tried it years ago it didn't work for me. The injection is the only thing that has ever worked, I had next to no period's, no cramps, sickness etc. It was heavenly until......i wanted to conceive!
Gosh sounds a horrendous being hormone sensitive, especially since you had nightmare pregnancies aswell. I've never gave birth but have had several miscarriages. With the first one it was just after the 'safe' point 3 months and I had horrendous sicknesses continuously throughout but I'm afraid to say miscarried (I don't seem to be able to carry a baby full term.)
With that being said there's similarity's with the symptoms. Either way on friday I shall have a long in-depth conversation with the GP and hopefully find a resolution, as it's really getting me down :'( *♡*xx

Hi Slinky, I suffered terribly with severe period pain for years. When you see the Dr, it may be worth asking for an ultrasound, just so they can rule out anything underlying, as there are so many different things that can cause painful periods. I eventually got a scan last year, and they found I had a large growth on my ovary. Ever since my surgery my periods have been so much more manageable. I'm not saying this may be the same for you, but it may be worth having a scan just to be sure. I really do hope the Dr's manage to help you *hugs* xx

Scorps you poor lass, gosh that must of been driving you insane pain wise for years until you got the growth on your left ovary removed.
I'm glad you're fixed now hun
All I can say id roll on Friday! I will certainly be demanding a thorough checking over, ultra sound aswel and hopefully I shall get some answers, or better still some kind of resolution (meds/surgery)*♡*xx

Nothing I can say that hasn't been said already huni..I feel for you and hope find answers and relief very and my partner used vitamins to help us conceive with my youngest , he used some men vits with zinc ..I used the female ones with folic acid...we timed when I ovulated too, took us just three months doing that xxx huge hugs xxx

it's been covered really well, I'm very impressed with all of the advice.
Thank you mummy mermaid, some good tips in there 😘
I've had a few failed pregnancies in the past, but they were around 9-12 years ago. I used to convince easily, I just couldn't go full-term 😞
I'm concerned that we've been trying regularly for 8 years! I haven't used vitamin's, that's probably what I'll do now and calculate when I'm ovulating. I must admit I want to give birth more than anything. Don't get me wrong I love my step -daughter too pieces as though she's my own. Only she doesn't live with us now and she's getting older (meeting bfs etc). I know a little un would be the making of us 😃