Anal beads- a question

Well two questions.

Firstly- is it possible to shove them too far? The set the bloke got me for my birthday aren't all the flexiable (they say they are but they don't bend when you put them in as far as I can tell). I'm only short, and therefore i assume any canals in me are too, so I'm just worried they're going into highly unclean places they shouldn't be.

Secondly- am I doing it right? I put them in, got down to the sex, and pulled them out slowly as I started to orgasm. Didn't really do much. I orgasmed best after they were out. Did I not leave them in long enough or am I just not buit for anal beads?! lol

I'll be interested in any response to this. I've been thinking of giving them a try myself but have similar reservations. Thanks for raising the topic,

Legs xx

We did give these a brief go but they weren't as exciting as we thought they would be. I think you're supposed to yank them out quickly as you are coming. OH says he prefers a vibe or my fingers. I have yet to give them a go but perhaps I ought to for research purposes. Really don't know about shoving in too far - they do seem quite stiff don't they.

I think the last thing either of us would be able to concentrate on at the point of orgasm is removing the things. I think I'll stick with using a butt plug to double up!

(But then my curious nature dictates that I'll probably try them at some point just so I know for sure!)

Lol- I was never bothered for them really, but as I said they were a present. And I'm always up for trying something new, but it bugs me when things dont work! lol

I had similar issues. Put them in got down to action and then pulled them out when orgasming but just felt different and not "wow". If anything it made the orgasm not feel complete if that makes any sense

Leg - I gave him a BH and yanked em out when he came. I don't think I'd be with it enough to do it on myself either.

These were freebies as were yours Crayola, so like you wasn't that bothered but glad I hadn't bought them.

Thanks guys, I can see where you are all coming from (excuse the pun!)

Legs xx

Hiya, l think the trick with these is to either... a. have a string or something tied to the protruding end of the beads. When you are coming you could have the string tied to an immovable object and pull yourself off the beads, or have a weighted object tied to the string that you could push off the surface. It is, l think, asking too much of another, nay even yourself, to mess about finding the end and pulling it at the critical moment which you only can really know.

or b.


Do we take that as b= get tallboy involved in the session and have him there to yank the things out when the screaming gets loud enough?!

Ha, points for trying!

Crayola, l look forward to reading of your becoming supreme leader of the world in due time!!

Absolutely inspired guess- simply don't know how you did it kid. Living proof the state education system is not as mortally wounded as they would have us believe... ha ha.


I absolutely know when OH is about to come as his cock kind of throbs in my hand when it's imminent! (Have only been caught out on one occasion that I can think of!!).

TB you are so generous - offering assistance again!!

TB is so selfless isn't he - serving the community like that!

We love you Tallboy

Gee Thanks folks .


We found they worked if you can get your self to have a slow and long orgasm, when you're getting close, go slower and slower until you can't stop your self, then slowly pull one bump at a time.

We had a set of 7 (relatively rigid) beads all the way in, when it came to pulling them out, she could only handle half of the bumps before she had to pull them out quickly, but she came so hard, i think i've still got the nail mark evidence!

As for cleanliness, read up on douches, theres nothing worse than being half way through an earth shattering orgasm to realise there is a mess to deal with!

be clean, don't want to pull out a little suprise now do we!... and go slow... the whole point is to open the arse ring then feel it contract then ooohhh another one...ect... good while being spanked...just a little tip there!!!

Well, I love my beads! My favourite set came as a freebie from LH. I've had a bit of a quick nosy, but I can't find them at the moment. Thanks to not having TB to hand, I've never actually got to grips with the whipping them out on orgasm thing, but I do love them being thrusted in and out, or leaving them in situ while I use a dildo (or better yet, the OH's cock!) in my pussy. They don't give dramatic feelings, but they certainly add a little something to the experience

As far as anal beads go, the claim that they make your orgasm much better and intense is probably not totally true,

But, every now and then when you get it just right and remove it quickly at the perfect point, it does feel really good. The best thing about the anal beads though, is the feeling of your asshole expanding and relaxing as it goes over the beads. That feeling is a big turn on for me, so it's a good thing to use to warm up for anal or even just as foreplay.

I dont know if other guys agree with me, but when you want to orgasm and ejaculate, having something up your ass almost interrupts your orgasm. So when you take out the anal beads...its feels good as it's like you've just gone from a traffic jam to the motorway...strange analogy!

Overall...anal beads...i'm a fan!

Its nice to hear some male enthusiasts- I'm pretty sure that I won't get the bloke to try things up the ass anytime soon lol.

Will just have to keep trying. Such a chore lol. My set has ten beads, and I put nine of them in, just. Think I probably tried too many to start with. Will knock it down next time see if that makes a difference!