Anal masturbation

Should I try it? Im a guy and always had the idea that anal = gay for guys but recently found myself getting more and more curious. So, should I try it? If so anyone got any tips?

Absolutely you should, you don't know what you're missing!

Don't be put off by the facy I'm telling you this from a bi standpoint - many, many hetero guys enjoy anal stimulation. We all have the same pleasure spots and erogenous zones after all.

I discovered anal masturbation in my teens and have loved every moment of it since. If you want a tip, go to Amazon (Lovehoney dont stock it!) and buy a copy of

"Masterclass - Anal Sex" by Charlotte Webb.
Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: Erotic Print Society (30 Mar 2007)
ISBN-10: 1904989233

That'll tell you everything you want to know.

In the meantime, buy yourself one of these and some good lube. And enjoy! :-)

Let me know how you get on!

that looks scary!

No, the diameter is only one inch! And I can promise you from experience, these vibrators feel fabulous inside you.

If you're not ready then buy the book first, and try exploring with a finger and some lube. Or try your girlfriends finger!

Ugh! Not for me, thanks.

Each to their own

If you are an anal sex beginner, you should start small, use PLENTY of lube (KY Jelly is good stuff) and go slow.

It's not the kind of thing you'd tell a new girlfriend but once you start you'll be addicted to it forever! I'm not gay, maybe just slightly bi-sexual enough to be turned on by she-males, but I love anal toys. When it comes to a serious full-on selfish masturbation session, a butt-plug and poppers (and maybe a dirty music video - Destination Unknown is amazing) are the ultimate. You might be surprised how many women are okay with it, but use some kind of douche or syringe to clean yourself out to prevent embarrassment(and not the good S&M "humiliation" kind of embarrassment)and keep things clean.

You'll find some anal toys that I recommend in my profile, but I would also recommend buying a "sex machine". The Monkey Rocker is a brilliant design and the price now is quite affordable; £400/$800 sounds like a lot but my experience is that it's better to buy one seriously good sex toy than to buy a dozen mediocre ones.

Nothing like masturbating and just before you cum you slip your well lubed finger in your ass....and stroke the OH does it for me - when we just have a masturbation session - its great...

give it ago nb.....i.m 100% straight but enjoy anal think your find alot off women enjoy doing that to there men aswell.......good luck

Go for it NB. Start slow and see if you like it. Nothing lost if you don't and if you do then your arse is your oyster. so to speak. that doesn't make any sense at all does it?

Ye s it does LillaK, just like the world could fall out of your bottom so your bottom can be your oyster as in the world is your oyster if that makes any sense!!! NB I don't think you will regret exploring your possibilities, but don't forget the lube, tip- a warm/hot bath can help relax the muscles!!! -You have been warmed ha ha!!


Thanks TB maybe I'm not as barking mad as I thought then.

Lilla K even if you were this is just the place for you so don't worry-let it all hang out so to speak!!!


Aw thanks TB

You into this kinda activity then Lilla K ???


Advice-wise I think it's mostly been covered already here. One thing though, this whole 'bum fun for boys = gay thing' - nah! I'm sure that's mostly a male mindset - i know very few females who see it like that, Perhaps bought on by outdated ideas and conditioning in society etc.

Obviously goes without saying there's nowt wrong with being gay/bi/bi curious. I'm bi myself. However to be gay or bi you need to be attracted to / turned on my members of the same sex. Being turned on by a part of your own body does not mean you have any gay tendancies unless you also wish to explore that side of things.

So let go of that baggage, it's not worth worrying yourself over and the more you let go and relax the more fun this will be for you xx

Continuing the theme of relaxing and letting go .... Methinks there are many more out there into this kinda thing than let on !!! Any confessions for the forums campers.


You might find this information useful, naughtyboy,

A link to general information about prostate health and function:

A link to a page written specifically for the man who has yet to discover the joys of his prostate:

Please be aware that these pages were written by me (a woman), and that sexual orientation isn't relevant. All a man needs for this is his prostate. Any man, regardless of his orientation, can enjoy his prostate, just as any woman, regardless of her orientation, can enjoy her clitoris.

Have fun, and good luck! :)

On the question of the prostate, I had a prostate examination about two years ago and it certainly wasn't as you described in that article you wrote, Lubyanka - at least the rough and painful part - BUT at the same time it was not arousing in the slightest, although the doctor was a pretty good looking female doctor.

I suppose though BC it's like when us ladies have a routine checkup or a midwife have a look down below - not arrousing at all, but that isn't becasue it CAN'T be, it's the situation... now if my fella is have a fiddle, it's a very different story.

What I mean is while in that situation it did nothing for you, on your own or with a friend, while in the mood you may feel very differently

I mean, face it, us girls don't have a prostate but many of us completely enjoy some butt play, so for a fella I can definately see the attraction!