Anul Horror stories

the 1st time i had anul sex i used my small promises vibrator i gently pushed it in used plenty of lube and BANG it hit me the pain flooded me i whipped my vibe out asap and was jumping around for about an hour it was so painfull i couldnt sit down

anyone eles got any horror stories

The lube was correct but I would have suggested getting used to finger play before attempting any form of vibro, then when U feel ready start small. As many have said before lube lube and more lube.....but think small.

When it comes to insertion soft is more important than small because if you spasm the pressure builds up really fast on a hard object and the pain of that pressure causes you to spasm more - positive feedback of a very unpleasant kind. It can happen even when you are very experienced at anal play if something happens to trigger of a spasm so I'm a great fan of large but soft dildos. We have a Feeldoe stout that is really a firm grade of silicone and I have trouble with it almost every time but we also have a soft silicone one of almost exactly the same size that is a dream. Just don't be put off by this - anal play is worth the trouble.

is it true that eventually you loose elasticity in your arse or is that just myth

Well, I can only speak from personal experience and despite being on the (joyous!) receiving end for nearly 9 years I have at least as much control as I did before - probably more. If you will forgive me mentioning an unpleasant subject for a moment I used to suffer mildly from haemorrhoids (yes, yuck indeed!!) and I have to say that it is a problem I have not suffered from at all since we have been pegging.

Although it may be purely psychological I find that for several days after being pegged I get a harder erection and better sensation during conventional sex.

He bought an ex-gf an egg type vibrator with controls at the other end of a wire. it was supposed to be put into her pussy, but she put it up her bum while playing alone. She couldn't get it out when she'd finished, and had a panicky hour until she managed to pull it out by the thin wire, she was terrified it would break. Don't try this at home!

lol thanks guys i am actually in the process of getting a anul vibe

It's 'anal' dear, not 'anul'!

Yep! Good warning, swingcouple! DO NOT put anything in there that isn't specially designed for the purpose, ie which has a *wide* base so it can't slip in. Thank god the one she had was remote-controlled, so she could at least switch it off. If you lose something up there which is vibrating, it will travel up your intestines, at which point, you need to lie on your front and call an ambulance!

Hopefully no-one here will ever have to do that!!

"it will travel up your intestines, at which point, you need to lie on your front and call an ambulance!"

OMG!!!!!! :-O

Dear Jezuz I think my entire stomach did a backflip at the thought of it going up my intestine.

Funny as it would be to go in and say 'I fell on it' though...

Not had any horror stories yet. Just the not being able to walk after not using lube classic.

No horror stories here...anal sex even from the beginning has been amazing!!!!! :)

No horror stories here either, and I've been an obsessive - and intensive - bum-stuffer for at least two decades.

In the beginning yes, I used to worry about items getting lost in there and travelling up my intestine. But note that there are two important reasons why - in my view, and in most cases - this won't happen.
One --- The peristaltic muscles tend to push things towards the anus, not away from it. It's their function.
Two --- Eventually, anything that *might* try to go too far along the intestine is going to meet something going the other way, and will lose the battle!
Note that I said 'in most cases'. There are things that I would never, never introduce to my anus. Anything with sharp edges or corners, frinstance. Or anything liable to splinter or break. Or anything with a grossly irregular shape. Or anything that might absorb the intestine's natural lubricants and adhere to the internal walls [stories in which feminisewd men insert tampons always worry me!].
And think, for example, about those beautiful, sleek, grass seed-heads that will only go one way when you try to hold them between finger and thumb!

No anal horror stories here, either... but I'm fairly new to the whole bumsex game, so maybe I just don't have any *yet*!

Well, Greebo just took all the fun out of it by all that ass slitting talk.



Well, sorr-ree Crayola!
I did once think I'd 'lost' a ballooned ball in there. Worried about it for nigh on 24 hours, before discovering that I'd expelled it involuntarily during the night, and it was hiding under the duvet!

[Ballooned ball. Let me explain. Take one of those hard, bouncy rubber balls about an inch in diameter, and put it inside an ordinary, round party balloon. Inflate the balloon to the size of an orange, and tie it off. Lube up, and insert the balloon. Then go jogging! Lovely, but very subtle, sensations as the ball jiggles in the airspace!]

Ooh, Greebo, that sounds nice! Except for the jogging bit. I don't do the whole exercise thing.

Re some of the comments above:

Anal play actually improves muscle tone and control (if you do it right) and being flexible is always a good way to prevent injury.

So if you're sensible in how you go about things I think it actually has health benefits. Dr Young did too, early last century when he patented his popular sets of rectal dilators. They were sold to help patients avoid / cure problems like pain and hemorrhoids. They were sold in graduated sets, small to large. I reckon many couples used them for anal training too - so the woman could get flexible enough to take a penis. Anal sex was a common form of birth control back then.

My anal horror story was the realisation that the strap on Mrs T was rogering me with last night wasn't really big enough to ring all my bells!! So if anyone can christen the dildo in the harness on my profile piccie then l would be eternally grateful.It has a fabbily large head and yet isn't as intimidatory as Three Bangs For Your Butt, so should do the trick!!!
Did actually have an anus terribilis, if you get my drift, when l stuffed a rather large mango where the sun don't shine. Getting it in was easy peasy, but bugger me !!! could l get the damned thing out again - No!!!!!!!!
Irregular shape l am afraid and hence unable to apply pressure to all concentric points at once in equal measure. Ended up going to bed with it inside me- not pleasant.
The next day l was on the point of retrieving it with a corkscrew when l think it must have shifted and out it popped- saved me a trip to Whipps Cross A and E...... only had to clean up the bath- hope not too much information.
Have not done it since, but then that was in the pre OA days.

OMG, Tallboy... how I laughed. 'Anus terriblis'... heehee. I realise it probably wasn't funny at the time, but that's a great story. I'll never look at a mango the same way again.