Any ideas on online places to get high heels for male crossdressers?

I'm crossdressing all the times these days, and enjoy the liberation and comfort it brings me. I've got a mini dress, stockings/suspenders wig, etc, but having trouble finding a pair of high heels or kinky footwear to complete my wardrobe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Most online shoe shops should be able to sort you out, depending on the size of your feet. You may want to check out some places that cater for large or wide feet, but I think there's plenty out there.

Try the big online retailer's

A number of strip and pole focused retailers tend to stock a number, in addition to a number of smaller stores that focus on drag will always stock larger sizes!

The large well know online auction site is an easy place to start. I’ve purchased several pair on there.

Isn’t the Northampton company which inspired Kinky Boots still manufacturing? Can’t guarantee that you’ll turn as shapely an ankle as Chiwetel Ejiofor though.

Gosh I love Kinky Boots! Can I ask what size your feet are? I have big feet, I used to struggle with buying feminine shoes but not so much now. They sell them in a much broader range of sizes. Is it full on kinky heels or just an average shoe your after?

I bought all mine size 10 from Hayway Shoes but I think they closed but you can find them on ebay .

I got mine online from Zalando they go upto 9 1/2 have a nice range of high heels I’m probably a size 10 but I found I fit nicely into a 4 1/2 open back stiletto in a size 9 they look amazing with fishnets and mini skirt.

I’m size 12 so had to scour ebay Honour sell some good boots

When I buy heels/boots for subs I have noticed that the comments on a certain popular ecommerce site often have men describing how they fit their feet and how many sizes up they had to order to adjust for their foot shape. Also the questions section just before the user reviews seems to often be filled with men asking what size to order for their feet, etc. Could be a way of getting some insight into what other men are finding that fits well. I have even seen male users submitting photos in their reviews also.

Try Banana Shoes...they have a great selection 😊

ASOS offer some more on trend shoes up to a 43/10, while both New Look and Next also offer good quality 43s, although they call them 9s. You can opt for wide fit, too.

It all depends on the style. A pointed toe and closed shoe/boot are far less forgiving than something strappy.

And, of course, with Next and New Look you can try in the shop before you buy.