Anyone seen "Labia the warrior princess" ?

My girlfriend found this DVD collection in a sex toys catalogue and is desperate to own it, but £20 a volume is a fair bit so has anyone seen it to recomend it, or slate it??? you would be a great help. says that it is all 18 cert not the hardcore R18.
I recall a few episodes from the adult channel and they were ok.
Best bet is go to amazon and rent it.

Your first 2 rents are free and they are offering the full 3 volume set for rental normal rental fee is 3.99.
I would do this, don't buy it. If you like this stuff, there is a selection of other adult channel programs on dvd in their hardcore format.

Any luck?

LOL, oh dear, porn titles always crack me up - my all time favourite name was 'mighty hermaphrodite' instead of mighty aphrodite

It used to be one of our fave games as stoned students to. Come up with a title or a forfeit came your way.
Hours of fun, especially when you forgot and kept coming up with the same titles.

thanks Ikkle-Flump great idea i did in fact rent the seris as you said from amazon, good price just waiting to recieve it and when i do i will review it on here :) thanks.

Glad to help and I hope you enjoy. Porn (albeit soft-core) from Amazon, who'da thunk it eh?

Well i have watched a few episodes and at first i thought tacky, but after a while it is very good and you do get really into it and just put in another disc after another and did infact lead up to some fantastic sex, i think this is worth a buy thanks for teh great advice! :).