Ass to mouth? Opinions?

So I'm seeing a guy who when I mentioned ass to mouth, did show interest in it.

I told him it's not something I have ever thought about doing and is a definite no, and he's happy with that.

But I just wondered if anyone here has done it, and what are people's opinions?

I assume even after douching there will be bacteria etc, and don't see how it could be enjoyable.

Looking forward to your replies :)

Rimming isn't the same. I mean when a guy has anal sex with you and then wants you to give him a bj, with no washing in between.

I must admit I'm very much for ass to mouth. First of all it feels amaaazing. It doesn't taste of anything actually and once you get past the barrier of thinking about it and go for it its so rewarding watching your partner feel new sensation.

There was a joke going round that people who won't lick ass say that because they dont wash theirs properly. Obviously not saying that's you but what I'm getting at is that as long as your partner washes its perfectly safe.

I have to say I rimmed somebody once and wiped them with a feminine wipe round there first just to make sure!
I'm glad your partner respects your decision. I wonder if you incorporate anal play into your sex lives at all? Maybe it could be a good start

Good luck xx

Riming and ass 2 mouth are two different things.

Rimming = licking the bum hole.

Ass 2 mouth = sucking/licking on the penis/toy that's been in ones bum hole

i have done ass 2 mouth (receiving anal and I went down on him in between)

it it didn't taste of anything, no horrible taste at all. I find it really hot and it's a great visual for the guy. I know i am clean and especially after douching. I enjoy doing it and then getting back to it.

Ooops struggling with terms here arent I. sorry ! x

violetcreams wrote:

Ooops struggling with terms here arent I. sorry ! x

Not you. Was directed @ alone4ever

Haven't done it/wouldn't do it. The germ/bacterias worry me. I have nothing against rimming, but only on a clean booty! I wouldn't put my mouth on a penis after it had been in that orifice until a shower had been had :)

All I can imagine if you were to 'double dip' as well is the horrific UTI you would probably get afterwards.

Although whats the difference really from rimming and licking something thats been inside?

alone4ever wrote:

That's your call, maybe some people would, but some things are just ment to stay fantasy; theoretically the bacteria are in your gut already, as it's from you.

Sometimes you can still get an infection even if the bacterias are from your own body. The flora is different dependinf of the aera and if you introduce a new bacteria it may cause an infection. Thouth I don't now if the mouth and throat are that prone to infection, and if you swallow some your stomach is likely to destroy them.


To answer your question delilah, I wouldn't consider it unless he does to. Why? Because I feel like it is an unfun way of dominating someone because of a genrer, like "yeah since I am a guy I get to stick it in your butt and then in your mouth, but eww I won't put that in my mouth that's discusting" (same as a guy who would expect you to swallow his cum but won't kiss you after a blowjob). If he is willing to do the same, then it means that it is not that idea that turns him on so I would feel better about it.

I am not saying that a dom/sub play isn't nice, but that wanting to dominate one by humiliating him with something that you wouldn't do yourself just because you are the dominating sex isn't something I am ok with, so I wouldn't allow it to be done to me.

I sound so much like I feel opressed by men in sex haha but it is a bit the case. I've been with so many guys with that attitude that I have to make sure I know the motivation behind a request like that before I can consider doing it.

Hard limit
Safe word

No thanks 🙊 it's not something I've ever considered doing nor would I!

If he really wanted to try it, maybe try a condom for the anal, pop it off for oral and then off you go again?

I haven't tried it but I think the thought is far worse than the act itself

MysticalMayhem wrote:

Poppycat, you poked me in the bloody eye again!! 🙈🙈🙈 owww! 😂😂

Sorry they walk in to the room before me (out of control)

Do it it. To be honest by the time we get to that point pretty much everything is covered in flavoured lube anyway so I don't think I'd notice anything else. I also get sometimes get a dildo shoved down my throat that's been up my bum while I'm tied down and helpless so there's no difference I figure x

I regularly give blow jobs after anal with my current partner. I also lick and suck fingers/dildos/butt plugs. It's not something I would have ever sought out but it fits well with my degradation kink and disgust turns me on.

I find it kind of strange that so many people are cool with rimming but not with ass to mouth. I'd much rather have my own bacteria plus you can't get viral infections like Hep A from ass to own mouth since you'd have to already have it. Rimming others is a hard limit for me and being rimmed is something I will tolerate but don't enjoy.

If you're douched properly you're going to be pretty clean and in terms of bacteria, probably no worse than biting your finger nails.

I think the biggest problem for people is the mental image which is a barrier to break through.

What helps me is the taboo aspect of it which was the biggest turn on. 'Stopping at nothing' to pleasure my partner/receive pleasure. You could almost call it a commitment to sexual pleasure to each other. That element of things is the biggest turn on for me and is what drives me to push sexual barriers with the right person.

Hopefully this makes sense and goes some way towards answering your question

I have done ass to mouth with my ex husband and I used to love it when he rimmed me!

My fella doesn't really feel comfortable with a blowjob if he's just had a wee so I can't imagine him letting me do ass to mouth. It doesn't taste of anything and I have never douched.

No sorry not for us

From my own bum to my mouth, I know I'm clean and I have no issue with it, I quite like it, it's better than just a regular BJ

My oh washes his penis after anal if I'm to give give him a BJ after, I know it disturbs the flow of things! Double dipping is always pussy first then my gorge anal! yum!![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif) If it's the other way around then I get a UTI ![](upload://auespWY2jeVe46VFziva9nry44n.gif)