Automated machine sex

After watching a program on TV which mentioned the use of machines for sex, my partner and I felt that it would be a cool thing to try out.

The only down side being that these machines seemed to only be available in the US and at a hefty price tag. Even though the exchange rate is almost 2 to 1, taking shipping, import duties and voltage differences we were looking at well over £500 - probably more like £800 for the model we wanted.

So, I've designed and built my own. Its a simple rotary to linear motion action powered from a 12v motor and gearbox to provide up to 200rpm at about 30lb torque.

The speed is controlled remotely and power is provided by a small onboard 12v battery but the machine is small enough and portable to run from a 12v car cigarette lighter. Onboard battery should last for a good hour or so if not more.

The forward and back motion (translation) can be adjusted from 1" to 6" depending on mood and comfort level.

Version 1 is a mix of wood and metal but I have a friend making metal parts from wood templates for version 2.

First major trial is this weekend. :) :)

Thats brilliant! Something we have fancied having a go at but never got around to. Like you do or not in your case. Hope your test go's well and we get to hear and maybe see more about your machine soon. Good for you!

Do let us know what happens! Have you got any pictures you can post? (Of the machine, not you and your partner. Or on the other hand ; ) )

The hardest part has been designing the the drive mechanism. As I haven't got the metal parts completed, the initial build as many wooden parts and it quite apparent that the loading on the wooden parts is rather higher than I originally thought.

The motor is just a basic 12V geared motor - bit like an electric golf cart motor. The speed controller is from a water heater. And the battery can be picked up from any battery supplier.

All the linkages etc have come from online suppliers.

On some films, you see these things with all the cogs and shafts moving etc but I've gone for a handy carry box which is covered in pink fluffly material. Its no more than a 24" long, 12" high and about 4-6" wide so quite portable - and easy to stash if you have a small house :)

I'd love to build these things to order and make a little cash on the side. Once I'm happy with the design, I could make one up in a week or two.

Sounds fascinating....
I have always wanted to try building one since I saw the models on screaming ludicrous amounts of orgasms.
pity they are so expensive to buy.
there is a model that uses a linear motor, and is almost silent, but completely adjustable speed . stroke , attack, dwell , etc etc
costs about £800 though :(

Interesting thread! It's a subject I've been thinking about too oddly enough :-)

I'm at the design and tinkering stage. The most difficult problem I could see was an efficient way of translating rotary into linear motion. Easy if you don't mind something large, but I want compact - a toy that fits discreetly into a small briefcase. My solution so far is a recycled 12V rear windscreen wiper motor from a car, which has the motor and gearing already fitted into one unit for you. All I need now is a chassis and an old ball bearing drawer runner to fix the shaft to and I'm away. If I ever get the time to make it I'll post a picture.

ps - forgot to say, I calculate the entire cost (minus dildo) at around £25 including an old briefcase that I no longer use. :-)

Bath-Bi-Guy Hi mate judging by the size of some of the dildos you have reviewed you might have to upgrade it to the wiper motor out of a bus :-)
Good luck with it anyway.

amazing, I found this thread while looking for an electric motor to run a machine i have been developing.

I made a kind of manual machine out of the bottom end of an old rotary lawnmower engine (no it does not run on petrol) I used the connecting rod and crank mechanism to provide the back and forth movement. It has a 3" stroke which seems to be enough.The crank/conrod is connected to 1/2" copper pipe that runs through a copper sleeve. On the other end of the copper pipe is a "thick veined chubby" dildo (I just drilled out a 10mm hole in the end and twisted it on) Alternatively and actually more effective, is a cucumber (17cm circumference) pushed and taped on. (I have learnt from years of practice with my partner that girth and volume are much more effective in terms of vaginal orgasm - than length)

I attached a handle to the drive shaft and mounted the unit on a piece of timber. At the moment it requires someone (me) to turn the handle to make it work. So far the results have been excellent. When used in conjunction with an eroscillator it is capable of causing almost unbearable amounts of pleasure in my partner.

The next step is to power the thing with some kind of 12 volt motor. I'm thinking a wiper motor, it needs to be quiet so as not to distract from the objective, any ideas anyone?

I don't think a wiper motor is man enough for the job. I got the geared motor for mine off ebay but I think new they retail at about £100. Our problem is torque. I think the battery isn't up to the job and can't supply enough amps to keep it running. Noise is also a problem.

The linear to rotary on ours is the wheel with a linkage bolted to it which transfers to the linear bar that goes through a linear bearing (ebay again).

The dildo is a doc johnson vacu-loc item. I've used the strapon plug which has a hole in the base to insert the bar into - its about 19mm and I've used a copper bushing to pack it out to the 12 mm shaft.

I need to speak to someone who knows about batteries to confirm that the battery is the weak point. I think the motor and controller will cope with 24v so I'm looking to find a variable mains power supply to find the right amount of torque.

As for noise its mostly the motor and vibration so I was thinking of boxing it in and using car stereo sound proofing as a lining (dynamat)

Worst of worst they are small machines now available in the UK for a couple of hundred pounds.

To all that care to know. We also are toying (scuse the pun) with this task. (We have the motor from an ancient flexy drive machine built in the fifties with reduction gearing but not enough) Don't laugh it survived this long.
At present we have tried using the highest rating dimmer switch we could find in a DIY store. But we don't know how it will be under load as we are always too busy to get on with it (work or other projects when we are not pissed or on here or a combination of both or testing sex toys or just plain having sex which makes it a combination of all four) Anyway played with electronics year ago c next message

You are using 12 volts and many things have got a 12 volt regulator as the first thing you meet as you follow the lead in from the mains. So I suggest you might give Maplins Electronics a try. 12 volt regulators are common but you will lose your potential for portability unless you have a generator and you won't keep that quiet. Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I was thinking this week about a cordless drill motor and battery. They seem to have plenty of torque and the speed is controllable and probably about the right rpm. I even thought about just connecting the the chuck directly to the drive shaft of the machine I have made just to see how it goes. I like the idea of being cordless for portability.

i saw on tv a few yrs ago a programme about sex machines and there is a website i once saw that had them on , they looked interesting but a bit dangerous at the same time, i have to say that the idea of going in the shed, getting a cordless drill and adapting it sounds fun, but could be abit to much at times, specially if the battery runs out at the time of no return lol...Lucylou

I seriously doubt most people could make their own because it takes some real knowledge of engineering to get the settings of the electric motor correct. if you build your own it is likely to cost twice as much as buying one ready made.
I bought one 2 years ago and it was £340 including postage and tax imported to the UK from the USA.

the whole concept of a sex machine kind of confuses me i mean you can get a good vibrator that will do the same thing to you (more or less) for a hell of a lot cheeper

how embarrasing would you be if your partner, mate friend or relative walked in on you using that i mean come on, you can hardly hide it like you could a vibrator or dildo

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