Beginners help! [Sex Toy Kit]

Hi guys,i’m new here,and i’m curious to your thoughts on a first time toy kit for myself and the mrs,we’ve been getting a bit kinkier lately and she mentioned using a dildo on both of us to which we are both open to.Hoping to get something for an Xmas surprise,so any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


What about an advent calendar?

It does look interesting,but as a newbie to anal play although it is something that has made me curious for a while,would that be suitable for a first time?

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Hello :wave:
With first time anal play its probably best to start of with something small and work your way up. There are toys that you can both use at the same time, but without experience you run the risk of not enjoying it, have a look at the anal play starter kits.

Hi @WestsAwake welcome on board

For 1st time toy kits how about something like the below, depends how kinky you want to get to start with?

Also as mentioned above the advent calendars are good with a mix of products.

The LH site is full of loads of beginners kits it’s just a matter of finding one that suits you and you are both comfortable with

Good luck :crossed_fingers::grin:

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Hi and welcome :hugs:

Hope you find your perfect LH gift to help make Xmas extra special :grinning:

As @DanceswithPenguins said start with something small at first, butt plugs, anal beads or if your wanting to do it as a couple a double ended dido.

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Hi there and welcome @WestsAwake

I reviewed This advent and the butt plus in it are definitely the right size for an anal beginner. The couples calender has the same plugs, so if it peaks your interest its a nice option. The vibrating plugs are alot of fun. (Itemised review here)

Theres some anal sets in the shop, but id personally recommend a plug to get you started. Something about 3.5inch in circumference is a good beginners size. Silicone is a really nice material for starting with. Its more forgiving than harder options for a first plug.
Starting with something static is an easier starting point. you can easily upgrade to a dildo (or size up with plugs) once you’ve gotten used to the new sensations.

Whatever you pick, buy some good quality anal lube thats compatible with the toy. Lube is a real must for anal.

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I did a ‘surprise a day’ a few years back leading up to Christmas. I didn’t get a kit, but bought 8 or maybe 10 things we had talked about and gave my Mrs a card with a clue about where something was hidden, a poem, or a short story with each. Of course each was wrapped. It was a lot of fun and it gave us lots of ways to experiment and have fun!

Hope that helps and have fun!!


Hey welcome to the forum :partying_face: lovehoney actually sells couples starter kits and of course the special advent calendar for Christmas! Maybe consider giving them a try

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Ok so after lots of looking this evening i think I’m going to go with the lovehoney wild weekend mega couples sex toy kit,it seems to have a bit of everything for a beginner and a small butt plug to prepare!!


Be sure to let us know which items you like the best!

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This is currently in the sale and easy to use on both of you - relatively small so perfect for beginners. :wink:

So after lots of deliberation i decided to go for the wild weekend couples toy kit,the basics beaded slimline butt plug (for solo practice) and a double ended dildo.throw in some lube and lingerie and here’s hoping for a very sexy Xmas.Thanks for all your help and suggestions guys,as a new guy to all this it’s much appreciated and I hope to share our experiences in the near future.


@WestsAwake hope you both enjoy :wink::blush:

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